'Happy Endings' Is Getting A Marathon On VH1 On New Years, It's Gonna Be Am-AH-Zing

Been missing Happy Endings as fiercely as the rest of us? Good. That is the proper emotion to feel. But we can all pull ourselves slightly up from our respective wallowing holes, not because there are going to be any new episodes — the world apparently isn't that nice — but because VH1's doing an all-day every-episode Happy Endings marathon on New Year's Day.

VH1, perhaps in an attempt to remind us that they're not just B-star-obsessed metaphorical drunk babies but are in fact angels sent directly from heaven, has acquired all 57 episodes of Happy Endings. And yes, it makes us sad to type that this is a show that only had 57 episodes — but VH1 is going to let us rewatch all of those episodes, starting 8pm New Year's Eve and all through Jan. 1.

What better way to start the new year than by entrenching yourself in your couch with a cancelled TV show? What? You have plans on New Years? To, like, hang out with people? Ugh, fine. You can get in on the fun, too, because VH1's going to be airing reruns of the show on Wednesday nights from 7pm to 9pm because they love us.

In related news, we're still mad at the USA network for not picking up Happy Endings from extinction like they hinted they were going to. But this VH1 acquisition makes it sting slightly less.

So this is what we wish for you, VH1:

Images: ABC, ONTD, Tumblr