People Share Their Insecurities Being Trans

BuzzFeed recently put out a video called "Our Deepest Insecurities Being Trans," and it is both raw and eye-opening. BuzzFeed's video team is known for their hilarity, from showing us why people love living alone to things only sisters understand, to just generally putting out relatable lol-worthy content that makes a damn good gif. But they also have made major headway in using their videos as a platform to tackle much more sensitive subjects, and do it in a positive, uplifting way way.

Trans issues do not get nearly the attention they deserve. And even though Caitlyn Jenner has now become an amazing spokesperson for the community, BuzzFeed's idea of tapping into the voices that aren't getting heard is another genuine step in the right direction. The video takes testimony from people from the trans community with a variety of different experiences. Some have transitioned completely; some are taking hormones; and some have chosen to never fully transition, or transition at all. Most agree that there have been many times when they've felt threatened or feared for their safety because of who they are. Beyond that, a few address the fact that it has put them in an uncomfortable position with their friends and family, even if both groups are really supportive. A certain level of disappointment is still something that concerns most of the people in this video.

These are two of the predominant insecurities shared on camera:

That Their Gender Won't Be Perceived As "Real"

Many voice concerns that they won't be able to "pass" for the gender they identify as.

How Other People Will Perceive Them

And whether her transition would be a source of tension within her family and her group of friends. She shares that she doesn't want to be the "problem," just because she orchestrated change.

All of the insights are incredibly honest and illuminating, and will help put a lot of trans issues into perspective for people who, as supportive as they are, can't truly understand the struggles themselves. Watch the full video below:

Images: YouTube(3)