Jessica Was So Relatable To Us In The Early '00s

by Maggie Malach

Get ready to throw it way, way back. In the early '00s, Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson were a total power couple and gave us all of our relationship goals. The two also starred in a reality show, Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, that ran for three seasons and showed fans an intimate side of the duo's lives. The behind-the-scenes look at Simpson and Lachey also proved that the couple was totally down to earth and confirmed that Simpson was the most relatable pop star of the early '00s.

Newlyweds spawned a number of iconic phrases attributed to Simpson, but at the end of the day, she was just a sweet homebody who was just as comfortable lounging in sweats as she was performing for thousands of people. Not only was she incredibly talented, but she seemed like your best friend too. Her candor and charisma charmed fans and I'm the first to admit that I totally wanted to be like her.

In honor of Simpson's status as being the most relatable pop star of the early '00s — a title which, by the way, still applies to this day — here's seven times she was just like us.

1. Simpson's "With You" Video

She got that true love is about being yourself with someone else.

2. When She Wore Sweats While Filming Newlyweds

Because it is not normal to have your makeup professionally done if you're just hanging out at home.

3. When She and Ashlee Were Sister Goals

No amount of fame could drive a wedge between them.

4. When She Wanted To Watch Something Besides Sports

Every girl has been here before.

5. When She Was Real About Relationships

Watching Simpson and Lachey's first year of marriage reminded us that it's a lot of work.

6. When She Learned About Buffalo Wings

I don't eat buffalo, either.

7. When She Was Open About Her Skin Issues

As a Proactiv spokesperson, Simpson came clean about her skin.

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