You Can Print A Mini 3D Version Of Yourself

Forget trying to optimize your selfies — you don't need to run them through VSCOCam, use Instagram filters and crop them just right. You can now get a 3D printed action figure of yourself at DOOB 3D, a German company that recently opened up in New York City in SoHo. Initially, DOOB 3D developed their printing technology to scan cancer and stroke victims and help them get fitted for prosthetics. Their formula was coming to these victims' aid, and it was not the first time a 3D printing company was using their technology to help. Now they're using their technology to make your selfie a 3D reality, which is a bit of a different niche.

This is not the first time I've seen a 3D selfie concept, and I will admit, I still don't love the idea. It just seems like for all the wonderful uses we have for technology, this one is somewhat unnecessary. However, that's a personal opinion, and I suppose art is art is art, and I can respect someone else's art. (Plus, I use tech for all sorts of ridiculous things.)

Mashable tried the whole process, took diligent notes and even made a video about the experience. To get your 3D selfie, you have to enter a small both with 54 DSLR cameras. DOOB processes the data and sends the files to their printer in Brooklyn. It's kind of like having a wax statue of yourself, if you're into the Madame Tussaud's thing.

Here's The Lifelike Finished Product

They Aren't Kidding About Making An Exact Replica Of You

Girl, You're Looking Good In 3D

Check out Mashable's full video of the experience here.

In the video, Team Doob goes out of there way to mention that this isn't "3D printing for the sake of 3D printing." On the contrary, their customer base isn't coming in for the novelty, they are coming in to preserve and 3D-ify their memories. Though I don't think it's quite up my alley, I do see the validity of their idea and the fact that they may be onto something. I'm laughing now, but in 40 years, we could all have these figurines on our mantles. #MindBlown.

Images: Mashable Video