10 Powerful Tattoos About Strength

When you choose to permanently decorate your body by getting a tattoo, you most likely will want something that's going to represent who you are or what where you ultimately want to go. This is why tattoos that represent strength are so popular. For the most part, I'm covered in symbols: symbols of my womanhood, symbols of communism, symbols of punk rock — for me, these all mean strength. Choosing a tattoo that represents strength will likely be unique to the person donning the ink, but perusing the Internet for ideas will definitely inspire the wheels to turn a vague idea into a detailed masterpiece.

The most likely place to start when considering getting a tattoo (whether it's your first or one of many) is symbols, but sometimes trends can overshadow the true meaning behind a tattoo and leave you with a twinge of annoyance when you begin seeing person after person with the same tattoo as you. Fortunately, there are some great ideas for strength tattoos that can be unique and potentially trend-setting without you living in regret. These tattoos below are full of empowerment and resilience... just like a tattoo should be. Here are ten tattoos that represent strength.

1. This Snake Tattoo

While symbols that mean strength may be the first thing you type into your Google search, don't forget about snakes and other animals, which can definitely give your skin a subtle dose of power.

2. A Hand Poked Skull

Nothing says "I'm strong AF" as sitting through a hand poked tattoo, this skull has power written all over it.

3. The Pulse Of Strength

Yes, the word strength is an easy way to get a tat that represents strength, but incorporating the trendy pulse tattoo makes this stand out against the masses and the location is on point.

4. A Fist

This fist tattoo on the chest, with its fine shading and detail, has strength bursting out of the flesh.

5. An Anchor

An anchor can bring down a ship, so this is an ideal object of strength and power. This quote plus anchor tattoo is beautiful and powerful, just like you.

6. The Last to Fall

The right quote can be a classy way to exude strength with ink. This wolf has enough strength on its own, but adding some meaningful text definitely makes this tattoo by Minka Sicklinger extra strength.

7. A Sickle and Hammer

While my tattoo has brought some unwanted attention due to its historical link to communism, I can't say I regret it one bit. The meaning behind this tattoo symbolizes strength in the common, working class, and that is exactly what I'm about.

8. A Viking Compass

The vikings conquered... well, all of us. Don't let the gruesome stories detract from the amount of emotional and physical strength of a viking. This symbol is one of beauty, strength, and resilience.

9. Heritage Tattoos

Personally, I think heritage tattoos symbolize so many things and strength is definitely one of them. This native tattoo has amazing detail and the artwork definitely pays tribute to the strength and honor of their ancestors.

10. An Owl Tattoo

With wisdom, comes strength and with this owl tattoo? You've get all the power in the linework and beautiful detail from this artist.

No matter what your tattoo style is, a tattoo that represents strength is always a good option.

Image: Marcela Xavler/Flickr; Kristin Collins Jackson