'Hannibal's True Intentions Are Becoming Clearer

Anyone else starting to think that the Hannibal and Will bromance is officially DOA? Because messing with someone's family is a low blow, even for this cannibal. Saturday night's Hannibal episode "...and the Beast from the Sea," saw the Tooth Fairy attack Will's family and it's all thanks to the address Hannibal provided him with. (Way harsh, bro!) Thankfully, Molly and her son were able to make it out of there relatively unscathed (on a physical level, at least), but the emotional damage has been done. The only question that remains is, what was the point of this little exercise? What does Hannibal want from the Tooth Fairy? This episode made Dr. Lecter's intent much more clear.

You see, Alana Bloom seems to be under the impression that Hannibal's interest in the Tooth Fairy stems from his fear of getting overshadowed. (Those silly murderers can be so competitive.) And while that might have partially been the case at the beginning, I'm sensing that he has a much bigger ulterior motive at this point, and, as usual, it begins and ends with Will Graham. Hannibal practically served Will's family up to the Red Dragon on a silver platter. Not just because he's jealous (which he totally is), but it also has to do with his desire to see Will give into his dark nature. Basically, I think he wants Will to become Red Dragon 2.0.

During one of their little therapy chats, Hannibal suggests that if Francis no longer wants to become one with the dragon within, he could pass the power along to someone else. Perhaps someone who has a knack of getting inside the mind of serial killers? So as much as Dolarhyde may want to believe that this alliance with Lecter is completely on the up and up, there's little doubt in my mind now that this friendship is just a means to an end for this sly cannibal.

Corrupting Will has always been his main motivation. And given the look that came across Will's face after the attack on his family, I'd say it's still a definite possibility. Let's just hope that in taking down the Red Dragon, Will doesn't succumb to own his inner-evil in the process. Otherwise he'd be playing right into Hannibal's plan.

Image: Brooke Palmer/NBC