The Red Dragon Finds An Ally On 'Hannibal'

For someone who's been captured and under heavy surveillance, Dr. Lecter still seems to be as popular as ever. When he isn't getting a "finger-wagging" from Alana Bloom, then he's being visited by Will or Jack Crawford — both of which who seek to use him as a way to help catch the great Red Dragon. But while Will is trying his best to maintain a safe distance from his former friend (mentally, at least), it doesn't seem like their rekindled bromance is the thing we should be worried about. Why? Because it looks as though this series is gearing up to have Hannibal and Francis Dolarhyde form an alliance, which is great from an entertainment standpoint. Not so great, though, for the rest of our fictitious characters.

By the end of Saturday night's Hannibal episode "And The Woman Clothed With The Sun…," our favorite cannibal received a phone call from his supposed attorney. However, the person on the other line actually turned out to be The Tooth Fairy himself. And no, not the one that's known to leave money under your pillow at night. The one that likes murdering innocent families around the time of the full moon. (It's important to me that you don't confuse the two.) He's thrilled to learn that Hannibal has taken an interest in him and his work. He even goes so far as to inform the not-so-good doctor about his transformation and the fact that he's becoming the great Red Dragon.

Of course, this is just the type of deranged thinking that's right up Hannibal's alley and you can tell just from the excited expression on his face that he's even more fascinated with this killer than he ever was before. In fact, I can't help but wonder if this will drive a significant wrench into Will and Hannibal's relationship. Granted, that friendship has never been all that healthy to begin with, but now that Hannibal's starting to take an interest in Dolarhyde's journey, it could end up shifting Lecter's loyalties in a very big way. Perhaps, instead of helping Will solve the case, he'll actually try to significantly hinder it from here on out.

Hannibal has always enjoyed playing mind games, after all. So I doubt he was ever going to make things too easy for Will in the first place. But if this new friendship continues to grow, then no one will be safe from their combined wrath. (They'd be like The Avengers of serial killers, you guys.) Those who are familiar with the Thomas Harris novel know how this will all shake out, though I wouldn't put it past Bryan Fuller to take a few liberties here and there, which means anyone and everyone is still fair game to meet their demise. So I hope you're ready for more bloodshed, everyone! It's like they always say, with friends like these…

Images: Brooke Palmer/NBC (2)