'Below Deck's New Yacht Eros Will Shake Things Up

Oh how I love Below Deck, the annual reminder that not even people who work on a yacht are capable of getting work done on a yacht. Every season, the cast of stews and deckhands find a new summer home, from the Honor to the Ohana, and now, Eros. The Season 3 Below Deck yacht Eros is different from Ohana, but those differences are just going to make this season the reality series' best yet. I know — that seems impossible. But I predict that even though two of its most enjoyable cast members are gone (Ben and Kat), Below Deck Season 3 has the potential to soar. A lot of my confidence in this stems from Eros, which is the best boat yet. Well, that and the fact that the best cast member hands-down, Captain Lee, is still roped in for another year.

From what we know so far, chartering the Eros must be one hell of an experience. Reading the breakdowns for these super yachts every year makes me understand why Kate says that she's trolling for a husband on every single journey — anyone who can take a trip on the Eros is living a life anyone would want to share. Here are a few things you should know about the yacht that will serve as the latest beautiful Below Deck setting.

1. It's Named For Love

Eros is the Roman god of love, which comes at a direct contrast to last year's Ohana, which means "family" in Hawaiian (thanks, Lilo and Stitch). And that's not necessarily a coincidence, either, since according to a breakdown on YachtCharterFleet, all three of the yachts on Below Deck have swapped names either before or after Bravo took it on their mega-charter. So even though last season had one romance, get ready for a whole season of love.

2. Eddie Will Be A More Experienced Boss

Even though Captain Lee is the charismatic one, Eddie the bosun is the most likable member of the cast. And with the Eros' tons of deck space, he'll need that experience, because at least one member of the deck crew always winds up quitting or being incapacitated for part of the journey.

3. It's The Priciest One Yet

Ever fantasized about taking the Eros out for charter? Well, unless you have somewhere close to $200,000, that's not gonna happen. According to YachtCharterFleet's rental page, it's going to cost at least 175,000 eruos to take a week-long summer charter.

4. The Jacuzzi Can Fit 8 People

Hey, have you ever been on a yacht with seven guests and been super bummed because you couldn't all fit into the jacuzzi? No? Well, me neither, but I'm sure the crew on Below Deck have, so that's one less thing that will be frustrating Kate or making Amy shake her head in disbelief. YachtCharterFleet even has a photo of the eight-person hot tub, and I don't care how hot it is where you are — it'll make you want to take a dip.

5. It Has A Proud Canadian History

According to YachtCharterFleet, the Eros was originally made for the owner of Tim Horton's, Ron Joyce. The Ohana could boast no such heritage.

6. It's Had Some Fabulous Names

Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

"Eros" works perfectly for the purposes of Below Deck Season 3, but the yacht's real name is Mustang Sally. If I could afford to rent a yacht, I'd want the one called Mustang Sally. And the yacht's original name was "The Destination Fox Harb'r Too," which I don't really understand, but is also an enjoyably strange name.

7. It Was Just Refurbished

Both the Ohana and the Honor from Season 1 were sold right after their seasons of Below Deck aired. But Eros was sold just before filming for $17.9 million and totally refinished inside. So that means all of the updates you could imagine have already been added, like A/C, a barbecue, and Wi-Fi — because the biggest luxury of all is the luxury of pretending to be in your own backyard while actually on the open seas.

8. It's Even More Likely To Drive The Cast Insane

The Eros is incredibly fancy, prohibitively expensive even by yacht standards, and was given a facelift just before filming Season 3 of Below Deck? Those charter guests are going to drive the crew absolutely nuts over the course of the season, and the more they do, the more fun Below Deck will be to watch. Eros is an upgrade in every way.

Images: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo (3); Giphy (4); RealityTVGifs/Tumblr