Lady Gaga Had The Creepiest Pool Party Ever

With filming underway on American Horror Story: Hotel, Lady Gaga is proving she has found her people. Not only is series creator Ryan Murphy gushing over Gaga's performance as a wealthy doyenne with an unwavering passion for fashion, art, and people, but her castmates are already in awe of her as well. Now Murphy has taken to Twitter to reveal Lady Gaga hosted a bloody pool party for the AHS: Hotel cast. Forget "Born This Way," Gaga was born to be on American Horror Story.

The pop queen is not afraid to push boundaries with her music or her fashion choices in ways that have often unsettled those who don't consider themselves "Little Monsters." Add in Gaga's respect for all things retro and her ability to produce stunning, nightmarish videos, and it would seem the singer-turned-actress has always been prepping for her future in horror. Thanks to her theatrical flair, Gaga has the ability to disappear into any character she creates. She has proven this time and time again with her amazingly expressive fashion choices and grand entrances.

Now she is the Countess, owner of the dark hotel at the center of AHS: Hotel , and it looks like Gaga and AHS are the new peanut butter and chocolate. Need more proof that Gaga and AHS are a perfect match? Read on.

1. The Creepy Pool Party She Threw For Her AHS: Hotel Castmates

That was no dream. According to Murphy, Gaga went full on macabre for the cast by dying the water in her pool red and taking a midnight swim with the rest of the cast. Anyone who has ever seen any of AHS will know that is exactly the kind of creepy/quirky thing the characters on the show would find entertaining.

2. Her Fashion Choices

Gaga's wardrobe is both unsettling and entrancing... just like an episode of AHS. Part of you wants to look away, but the other part is admiring the sheer audacity and awesomeness happening in front of you. Is it a little scary? Sure, but it's the kind of scary that's balanced with art and humor.

3. She's Mother Monster

Gaga is known as "Mother Monster" to her fans, the "Little Monsters." She is all about embracing the weird, the outsiders, and those who are perceived as deviant in mainstream culture. AHS has a similar philosophy. Each season has tackled a more and more isolated or ostracized group of people. The horror is often not in the characters, but in the way others treat them. Mother Monster will be right at home in a hotel full of misfits and outliers.

4. She May Have Scared Kathy Bates

Technically, it's her character, Iris, that Bates is referring to in her tweet, but it sounds like the indomitable Oscar-winner was wowed by Gaga's horror skills. Let's not forget the actress played one of the scariest characters of all time in Misery. If Gaga can impress Kathy Bates, then she has clearly found her home.

5. Her Videos All Seem Like Prep For AHS

Look at the impression the woman can make with just her hand! If those fingernails didn't give you nightmares, you are made of much stronger stuff than I am.

6. She's No Stranger To Drama

Gaga has been a star since she first stepped onto a stage. She has a flair for the dramatics, so much so it's hard to tell when she's playing a role or being herself (or doing both at once). Her ability to be over the top, but also sincere makes her an ideal person to take on an AHS role. In the past, the show has proven actors have to be flexible in tone if they have any hope of bringing Murphy and his writing staff's mad nightmares to life.

7. She Looks Like An AHS Character On The Regular

Every music video, every dress made out of meat, every egg emerging entrance — they all could have been auditions for AHS. Lady Gaga is practically a character from the show in her artistic life as it is. Signing on for Hotel just made it official.

8. She's In Love With The Show

Even Gaga knows she and AHS were destined.

Now that Mother Monster has found her TV soulmate, all that's left is for fans to actually see how terrifying her hotel owner will be. I for one cannot wait until Oct. 7 gets here so I can see Gaga in action.

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