Sam & Joe Aren't Being Honest On 'BiP'

If you're going to lie, at least be a good liar. On Bachelor in Paradise, Joe — an international celebrity, according to Joe — proved himself to be a true villain and, unfortunately, took Samantha down with him. Joe was a late arrival on Bachelor in Paradise and quickly seemed to have a connection with Juelia. Or at least that's what he wanted you to think, because then Sam arrived. Joe and Samantha, who definitely knew each other before Bachelor in Paradise , claim that they didn't know each other before the show... so why are Sam and Joe lying about knowing each other? And why are they lying so poorly?

So, Joe and Samantha, two people who were saying that they came to Paradise for the other, are trying to convince people that they don't know each other. Here's the thing: I'd put money on the fact that they knew each other. There's no actual confirmation, but if Joe's terrible lying gave anything away, these two definitely talked before. Plus, a few of the men on the show basically called Joe out for lying about knowing Samantha before the show. Tanner actually says that Joe told him Joe told him (Tanner) that he (Joe) had been talking to Samantha before Paradise.

Joe's brush off of the question makes him look super guilty, but the biggest give away? At the risk of sounding totally harsh, Sam was a complete nobody on The Bachelor. She might have had 20 seconds of screen time during the five weeks she was on the show. 20 seconds might be generous. Are you trying to tell me that Joe knew who she was from her stint on The Bachelor? Nope, not buying it. Not buying it for all the People magazine sexy photoshoots in the world.

Plus, Joe continues to dig himself deeper by referring to playing Juelia for that first rose. He says "It doesn't matter if I was playing her or not," — something you totally wouldn't say if you weren't playing someone — and then finishes it by saying "this isn't church camp."

Church camp it is not, but it's also not asshole camp, Joe. The only reason I can see him lying about knowing Sam, is that it would give away to the contestants that he played Juelia just to stay for Sam. But, viewers know that's exactly what he did.

For most of the episode Joe maintained that he'd never talked to her before, but towards the end of the episode he came clean, saying the two had chatted prior to the show. "I did talk to Samantha for about a month via social media, text messages, and phone calls," he admitted.

Juelia, you're better off without him. And, Sam, you probably would be, too.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC