11 Things Besties Can Answer About One Another

Best friends hold a status in your heart that no one else can even hope to hold. It's different from being in a serious relationship, or having a group of friends you go out with on Friday night. It's a bond that comes from being with someone through E V E R Y T H I N G. Whether you've been best friends since elementary school, or have formed a rock solid friendship more recently, you know the ins and outs of each other's lives and often open your mouth to answer questions for them. (Or maybe that's just a lovely commandeering trait I have that my friends have to live with.)

Personally, I don’t buy into the notion that you can have only one best friend. I have best friends from college, best friends from high school, best friends I’ve met before or after or in between. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to accumulate more than one “closest friend ever.” In fact, it just means you’re surrounding yourself with more love, more support and more friendship, which is never a bad thing.

If you’re a person who has a ~one and only~ best friend, or someone who has many best friends, you’re about to have allllll the feels. Here are 11 things you’ll always be able to answer about your best friends:

1. Everything About Their Families

The drama, the good, the bad, the ugly. You're passed pleasantries, and are totally comfortable just waltzing in and eating out of their kitchen cabinets at their parents' house. You know when their siblings are going through a rough time and have talked through the situation with your best friend i n d e t a i l.

2. Who The One Guy Or Girl They Never Want To Talk About Is

And they won't judge you if you ever go back to them, or even just need to talk about them. They know who not to mention, and to deflect when other people do.

3. What They Actually Do At Work

None of this not knowing what Chandler Bing's job is type nonsense. They know what you do at work, what you love about it and what you absolutely detest about it.

4. What Their Favorite Foods Are

What they like to eat as an indulgence, and what they prefer to stay away from. You know their allergies and have been known to remind other people of those allergies just to protect them.

5. What Their Favorite Drunk Foods Are

The ones they share with everyone and then their weird combinations they turn to when they're home alone with no one around to judge them. You would gladly melt cheese on Cheez-Its with them any day. (What? Your friends don't do that?)

6. What Their Go-To Song Is On A Friday Night

When they yell, "PLAY THAT ONE SONG I LOVE," you know what that song is and are already trying to find it on Spotify.

7. What Kind Of Support They Need When They Aren't In A Good Place

You know whether they are a person who needs to talk things out or whether they need space. (Or whether they just need someone to sit and watch a movie with.)

8. Their Preferences In Terms Of Movies (And Their Preferred Movie Snacks)

You know what they need in terms of movie snackage. As in, you are here to support their endeavor to find the perfect sweet and savory mix in the theatre. What the hell else are best friends for?

9. When Their Birthday Is

If they can't name it to the day, are you guys really going to go the distance as friends? (Just kidding, of course friendships can survive if you're forgetful.)

10. Where They Want To Travel, Or Have A Dream Home

You've talked about all of your aspirations: from career, to where you want to live, to if you would want to have kids. And you would never judge them for any of it, even if you don't always agree. You've talked about the five places you'd most want to travel, or lamented with them about the places you've never been. You'd LOVE to take a best friends trip together.

11. The Names Of Their Parents (And Probably Grandparents)

There's a scene in New Girl where Winston surprises Nick by knowing the names of each of his grandparents names and it is #FriendshipGoals.

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