9 Things You Can ONLY Do In Front Of Your BFF

Monday blues have you down? Pick up the phone and call your sister from another mister, your bossum buddy, heck, your soulmate — because June 8 is National Best Friend Day, a day for best friends to appreciate one another and all their wild and wacky eccentricities. Because sometimes best friends are the only people who will put up with your quirks and make minimal fuss, something parents and significant others may not understand or accept.

In elementary and middle school, it was not uncommon for me to have a new best friend every six months. My allegiance could switch depending on who I sat next to in homeroom, who lived in my neighborhood, and who I could tolerate during my pubescent mood swings. In those days, I was loyal to one person, and one person only: first name Orlando, last name Bloom. It wasn't until the end of high school that I started settling down with a regular crew, and decided to let my freak flag fly, exposing secrets, insecurities, and just plain weirdness I had always held on to for fear of being judged or ridiculed. They got me, and waved their flags just as high.

In honor of this beautiful holiday, here are nine behaviors only best friends can get away with... and still be loved the next day.

1. Talking on the phone while taking care of personal hygiene

Best friends don't let best friends interrupt a good story just because one of them has to go pee or brush their teeth. Your story can't wait, my bladder can't either.

2. Describing bodily functions in detail

Only your best friend and gynecologist know about your chronic constipation, an itch that won't go away, and the amount of uterine lining you have shed since last week that has no sign of slowing or stopping.

3. Borrowing extra bathing suit bottoms

Her lady parts have been all over that bikini bottom, but desperate times call for desperate measures if you want to join the fun at the beach or pool. At least she does her laundry, which is more than you can say.

4. Ditto with mascara and eyeliner

Listen, we're not saying it's sanitary, but again desperate times...

5. Sending 10 social media notifications in a row

She's your biggest cheerleader, and is the only one who can get away with doing this without you blocking her.

6. Talking and texting each other in your own language

If someone found the text messages between you two or listened in on a conversation, they may have grounds to commit you both.

7. Poking each other's boobs and behinds

What, like it's weird or something? Football players slap each other's butts all the time.

8. Spooning during sleepovers

Sometimes, you just have to get it in where you can, especially if you're single. Cuddling has reported health benefits too, regardless of who it comes from. You'll be adding minutes to your life and your best friend's.

9. Getting matching tattoos

Because best friendships are forever right?

Images: Walter Thompson/Comedy Central; Giphy (9)