The TCAs Riff On 'Full House' In The Best Way

If for some reason you decided to forego watching the 2015 Teen Choice Awards this year, then let me be the first to tell you that you have seriously missed out on some pretty epic moments. First, there was Gina Rodriguez busting out some very impressive rap skills, and now viewers have been treated to a Full House riff, courtesy of John Stamos and Josh Peck. As a way to help promote their upcoming series Grandfathered, Peck interrupted Stamos in the middle of his little spiel wearing the iconic Uncle Jess hairdo and leather jacket, before calling back to the beloved show's unforgettable catchphrases like Joey's "Cut. It. Out." and Uncle J's "Have Mercy!"

Let me just start off by saying how much it pleases me that Full House is still relevant to teens today. Not only because it makes me feel as though I'm still kinda sorta maybe a little young, but also because it proves that a good show like this can live on well after it's off the air. (And it doesn't hurt when said show is also gearing up for its Netflix spinoff, Fuller House, which EVERYONE on this planet should be watching when it debuts.)

Speaking of former shows, though, Peck wasn't the only one who got to poke fun at his colleague's former TV gigs. Stamos also made numerous references to Peck's Drake & Josh days by using the show's go-to lines, "I ain't calling you a truther!" and "Hug me, brotha!"

Basically, these two make for a pretty spectacular comedic duo. So if you weren't already looking forward to this bromance, odds are you are now.