Here's How To Stream The 2015 Teen Choice Awards

Despite what the title implies, you don't have to be a teenager to watch the 2015 Teen Choice Awards, which is only hours away from making its grand debut. But before we start passing out those massive surfboard trophies and obsessing over the latest red carpet fashions, there are a few things I think we ought to discuss. Though I freely admit that my own life centers around a television screen, I fully understand that this is not necessarily the case for everyone. Some of you have jobs and social obligations (aka: actual lives) that can sometimes limit your weekly cable intake. I get that. But it's also important to remember that cable isn't your only option these days. Thanks to the powers of the world wide web, you can actually stream the 2015 Teen Choice Awards without ever coming near a TV. You just have to know where to look, which is where I come in.

So just in case you were dying to see Gina Rodriguez hosting — or, honestly, just wanted to witness Tyler Blackburn in all his hunky Caleb glory — fear not, my friends. Because even if you can't get your hands on a good cable connection, there are still several ways you can go about tuning in for all the fun. All you need is some decent WiFi, which any local Starbucks could easily provide. With that in mind, on your mark… get set… go stream!


This nifty app allows its users to stream full episodes and even special events (like the TCA, for instance) live on either a computer or mobile device. All you have to do is head over to the app, click on the show you want, and boom, you're on your way!

The Teen Choice Website

There's nothing posted yet, but usually the award show's website provides a live feed to everything that's happening, and I'm betting the TCA won't be any different. So even if the FOX NOW app isn't for you, keep checking in on teenchoice.com throughout the day. Chances are they'll start streaming shortly before showtime. And if they don't, for whatever reason, then some other reputable entertainment sites should at least give you access to some live red carpet coverage.

Online Cable

Both Time Warner Cable and AT&T Uverse allow their subscribers to stream live television directly on their actual websites. So if you do have a cable provider, but don't have access to an actual TV, just sign into whichever site applies to you and you'll be good to go.


If worse comes to worse, you can always follow the #TeenChoiceAwards or #TCA hashtags that will keep you caught up on the night's big events and leave you feeling as though you witnessed it all firsthand. Hey, it's better than nothing, right?

Images: Giphy (3); itzznati/Tumblr