Are Joe & Samantha Still Together After 'BiP'?

After taking total advantage of Juelia in order to stay on the show, Joe went on a date with Samantha on Bachelor in Paradise . Juelia understandably felt betrayed and heartbroken since she felt they had made a genuine connection and that he was a good guy who cared about her. Due to her prior friendship with Sam, she also felt confident that her friend would be horrified when she found out how Joe had managed to stay afloat on the show while he waited for Sam's arrival. If the teaser for tomorrow is any indication, it looks like Sam isn't letting that get in the way of her relationship with Joe.... yet. I'm certainly not rooting for these two to find a lasting relationship this season, but I can't help but wonder if Joe and Sam are still together after Bachelor in Paradise?

I think we can safely assume that Joe didn't find his happy ending with Sam on Bachelor in Paradise. She hasn't held back on social media when it comes to how she feels about him... and let's just say she doesn't think too highly of Joe. (Honestly, does anyone?) Although we still don't know how long Joe will last this season, I think once Sam is done with him, he'll be a goner, because he's established himself as the biggest player in Paradise.

Here are some of Sam's not-so-glowing words about her former flame:

She Had A Lot Of Hindsight

I think that translates as regret.

She Retweeted Some Negative Comments About Joe

She's basically endorsing his terribleness.

She Even Rhymed About The Looming Disaster

I think it's safe to say their relationship ended while they were still in Paradise. And now, the sooner Sam sends Joe packing, the better. All the women on Bachelor in Paradise deserve a better mate than him.

Image: Screengrab/ABC