See Tenley Molzahn As Your Fav Disney Princesses

This season on spinoff show Bachelor in Paradise, Tenley Molzahn is just looking for her Prince Charming, but it hasn't been an easy feat. In 2010, Tenley finished as runner-up during Jake Pavelka's season of The Bachelor and she also finished as runner-up on Bachelor Pad. But, every princess deserves her happy ending, and Tenley is certainly one. Like, literally photos of Tenley working as a Disney princess really do exist. During her one-on-one date with Joshua Albers, she revealed that she worked at California's Disneyland theme park as a literal Disney princess. And, from the looks of the photos, the job totally suit her — now if only she could find that fairytale romance in Paradise.

According to Tenley's Facebook, she moved to California for college and to dance at Disney, where she played Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, as well as a cheetah and other characters during her time at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, and Disneyland in Tokyo, Japan. In Japan, Tenley was an aerialist, a job for which flew 70 feet in the air as Ariel from The Little Mermaid . Whoa, right? That takes some serious skill. These days, Tenley is a certified health and wellness coach and is the founder of Sweet and Free Life. "Tenley has paired her knowledge of nutrition, many years as a professional dancer and time as a personal trainer, to now share her knowledge and love for a healthy and active lifestyle with others," her website says.

Even though her days as Disney princess are behind her, the magic still exists in the form of photos she has posted to Facebook. Check out Tenley as your favorite characters below.

As Aurora (Waving)

She's definitely got the princess wave down during the park parade.

As Aurora (Bashful)


As Ariel

Check out those cool fins!

Christmas Ariel

Celebrating the holidays in style.

As Christmas Cinderella

See, she found Prince Charming once — so, I have hope she can find him again.

She Also Made Friends

I'm not sure which princess this is, but it looks like Tenley was able to touch many young hearts in her job, and that's the most important thing.

She Still Loves To Visit

And, even though she's no longer a princess, she still enjoys going back to her old stomping grounds.

Now if only some of that Disney fairy dust would work its magic to find Tenley her true love on Bachelor in Paradise.

Image: Bob D’Amico/ABC