Tenley Was A Literal Disney Princess Before 'BiP'

Well if there was one couple I didn’t think would get together on Bachelor In Paradise, it would be fan-favorite Tenley Molzahn and Kaitlyn-season castoff and hay bale hitter Joshua Albers, but what do I know about love? They seemed like total opposites at the start to me. But these two caught on like a wildfire, and during their one-on-one date, Tenley revealed she was a real life Disney princess before Bachelor in Paradise. As in, she used to work as a princess at California's Disneyland. How cool is that?

As per her conversation with Joshua (as well as some explaining she did on her Facebook page), Tenley discussed how she moved to California for college and then she became a dancer for Disney. Tenley also got to play Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty for a while, and that sounds awesome, right? Tenley worked at both Disneyland in California and Disneyland in Tokyo, Japan (Joshua was all like, “oh so you were a Chinese princess,” which, no Joshua. Just no), so she’s clearly had a bunch of cool experiences thanks to her time working for the Disney company. She got to dress up like a beautiful princess and make kids so happy every single day. She totally seems the type who would be amazing at that.

Honestly, Tenley is the biggest catch out of all these women. She’s beautiful and fun and smart and vivacious and she was an effing Disney princess! Why hasn’t ABC given this girl her own season of The Bachelorette yet? It would make the perfect story of love (on Bachelor Pad with Kiptyn), heartache (when she and Kiptyn broke up), and redemption (if she were to find lasting love on the show). It would be a ratings bonanza to have Tenley as The Bachelorette. Get to it, ABC.

Images: ABC/Rick Rowell