6 Times Tenley Was Super Honest On 'BiP'

Always the runner-up, never the bride. Something's gotta give for Tenley Molzahn on this season of Bachelor In Paradise . After coming in second on The Bachelor and Bachelor Pad, she's been through it all. So, it's no wonder Tenley has been giving us reality checks on Bachelor in Paradise, and they're much needed. Tenley once admitted to being pretty naive on Bachelor Pad. But years and a breakup later, this former Disneyland princess is naive no more.

Tenley said on After Paradise that her decision to join Bachelor in Paradise wasn't out of revenge for her ex (and Bachelor Pad co-star) Kiptyn Locke — she's just finally ready to find love, again. "The opportunity came and I was ready to move forward. It actually happened that, on the day that we walked into Paradise, I had been single for a complete year, a full year," she said. "It was just a perfect day to start a brand new chapter." Good for her! And, so far, Tenley isn't wasting any time. She's had JJ Lane, Joshua Albers, and Michael Garofola fighting for her heart already, and there's still so much Paradise to explore. But, one thing we already know is that Tenley is keeping it real — and here's the proof.

1. When She Gave JJ "Permission" To Kiss Her

Look, Tenley wanted JJ's rose and she was willing to do anything for it — including exploring potential sparks with JJ. And, it worked like a charm. Because in the end, this show is all about exploring options and staying on the show, isn't it?

2. When She Admitted Being In A Love Triangle/Square Is Hard

Life was tough with JJ and Joshua vying for Tenley's love. But, then Michael was added into the mix with his super romantic mariachi date and she had a love square. "I'm probably the most confused girl here right now," she said on the show. "I'm in trouble with this rose ceremony tomorrow." As fun as it is to be pursued by many, it's hard to finally make a decision when you're heart is torn between so many, and Tenley was totally ready to admit that.

3. When She Told After Paradise She Will Not Baby-Sit For Her Ex's Baby

Tenley is very happy for her Locke's new life with a wife and child. She even said that she met his bride and she's "wonderful." But, as for baby-sitting the kiddo? Tenley will pass. Way to be honest!

4. "He's Big. I Like Really Big Guys"

Check out Tenley's comment about Joshua on their date at 30:26. I'm leaving it up to you to interpret that. On their date, Tenley was very impressed with his big hands and calls him a bear man. She's a gal who knows exactly what she wants — and she likes, ahem, big dudes.

5. When She Admitted It's All About Chemistry

At 8:27 on After Paradise, Tenley told Chris Harrison that she's looking for strong chemistry and it was something she found with Joshua. Whether or not it lasts, that remains the question. (She also repeated that she liked his big welder's hands.)

6. When She Says She Needs To Listen To Red Flags This Time

At 41:30, Mikey and Dan tell Tenley about Joshua bragging about his Molly use. She's appreciative of the warning, but she also can't help but be super disappointed that Joshua wasn't who she thought he was. "It's such a bummer, because I kind of want to soak up that chemistry, while I can," she said on the show. "But, I don't want to be stupid and just get wrapped up in that."

Sadly, even after she confronts Joshua about his partying days, Tenley is left wondering if she can trust him — and that's a totally legit concern. "I don't want to be blinded by feeling anymore," she said on the show, and then went to go hang out with JJ. Oh boy.

Who will Tenley end up with? We will have to wait and see. But, at least she's being super honest with herself and viewers while she's along for the ride.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC