Here's How Men Fake It In Bed

A new video from BuzzFeed shows why and how men fake orgasms, and the hilarious faces that ensue. It seems to come as a surprise to many— people in the video guessed that "zero percent of men have faked an orgasm", but that's simply not true. According to the video "one 2010 study found that 25 percent of male participants admitted to faking an orgasm".

I think the disconnect comes from the fact that we think of men of having so much more of a physical manifestation of climax. Which they do, but firstly, as As Jim Behrle writes in GQ, "Orgasms aren't hard to fake; ejaculations are. Just use a condom, which I, and nine out of 10 dentists recommend, and you can easily obscure the lack of evidence". I mean, unless you're inspecting the condom, how will you know? Also I would add that, although it varies from woman to woman, a lot of women have very physical sides of orgasm, not just actual squirting but those who become really wet, so wouldn't a lack of that also be telling? Anyway, we've learned that a worrying amount of both sexes fake it, and have their own techniques.

Here are some of the things we can learn from the video, along with my favorite big O faces:

How Do They Do It?

It's not rocket science. As any woman who has faked an orgasm knows that some sounds and faces will do the trick. The boys agreed, one saying I tensed my muscles and made a face" and another saying he used some "Some special rhythms to simulate the effect". "Special rhythms" sounds like the worst sex soundtrack in the world, but I know exactly what he means. Oh, and some said that there was spit involved. Try not to think about it.

Why Do They Do It?

This is the big question with everyone, men or women. Why?! Does it mean there's a lack of attraction or enjoyment? Probably not. One admitted that his faking it had come from not enjoying the sex, but others said that that had nothing to do with it, it was just issues with a state of mind, or everyone's favorite, Mr Whiskey Dick.

How Do People Feel About A Guy Faking It?

You might think faking an orgasm is to save a partner's feelings, but when asked how they would feel about a guy faking it, people said "Like I did something wrong, for sure." and "Kind of shitty.". Although one woman insisted: "I'd be very impressed. That's some serious, uh, Jedi stuff.". I think that's setting the Jedi-bar dangerously low. Don't fake it! Just be honest and communicate, remember that it happens to everyone, men and women, sometimes and, although it's really difficult, try not to take it personally if you're partner isn't finishing. Remember, it might happen to you too at some point.

Check out the video below:

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