8 Thoughts You Have While Drinking Your First PSL

Summer is great and all, but I know you're just waiting with bated breath for that moment when you can sip some of that magically sweet and spicy deliciousness known as the Starbucks pumpkin spice latte. After all, your mind instantly starts swimming with many wonderful thoughts when drinking your first pumpkin spice latte of the season — even simply thinking of the liquid gold that is the PSL is enough to make your mouth immediately start watering. So, taking your first sweet sips after months and months of pumpkin depravation is almost like a spiritual experience.

While my detective work indicates that we still have a few weeks to wait before the PSL makes its triumphant return, I'm still getting myself pumped and ready for it to grace us with its presence again. After all, there are only a few short but sweet weeks when we get to fully savor and enjoy this quintessential fall beverage before it’s swapped out for that other seasonal classic, the peppermint mocha. You want your first pumpkin spice latte experience of the year to be something you remember — something you can look fondly back on in the winter months, when there is nary a PSL in sight.

Are you just as excited as I am? Here are eight thoughts you have when drinking your first pumpkin spice latte of the season.


Enough said.

2. "Oh my God, how did I ever live without this?!"

There's nothing like that first sip to make you wonder how you ever survived a whole summer without a pumpkin spice latte by your side. You must just get used to your misery.

3. "I don't even care that summer is ending."

Remember just a few weeks ago when you were moping about the fact that summer was winding down? Not anymore! PSL to the rescue.

4. "I'm totally Instagramming this."

If you go to Starbucks and don't Instagram it, did it even actually happen? Also, you feel the immense responsibility of telling all of your friends that the PSL has returned — even though they probably all already know.

5. "How many is too many?"

You'll probably immediately start wondering how soon you can order your next one. Like, can you just drive around the block really quickly, and come back to get another one? Or, is that overkill? Screw it, you need to get your fill while you can.

6. "Why do they even get rid of these?"

Prepare for a combination of gratitude and utter confusion upon taking your first sip. You love Starbucks for creating this deliciousness, but you can't imagine why anyone would think that this beverage is only desirable in fall. Make this sippable joy available year round!

7. "Please don't ever leave me."

Suddenly, a life without pumpkin spice lattes feels empty and meaningless.

8. "Give me pumpkin everything."

What is it about having your first taste of pumpkin that makes you want pumpkin everything? Bring me all of the pumpkin pie, pumpkin breads, and pumpkin cookies. There's no such thing as too much pumpkin.

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Images: silvia-elisa/Flickr; Giphy (8)