9 Male Dancing Movies 'MMXXL' Fans Have To See

As far as movies are concerned, it's been a pretty good summer to be a woman: in just a few months' span, we've gotten the female-led joys that are Trainwreck, Spy, Ricki and the Flash, and Diary of a Teenage Girl, among others. And then there's Magic Mike XXL, which, although not starring women, is a total feminist dream of a movie. If you caught it in theaters (or went back twice, like I did), then you know the stripper sequel was one of summer's biggest must-see films for reasons ranging from Channing Tatum's abs to Joe Manganiello's butt (I never said they were serious reasons). But if you didn't get a chance to see it, when can you watch Magic Mike XXL online? Trust me: you're not gonna want to have missed this one.

Starting Sept. 15 (although you can pre-order it now), the film will be available to watch on Amazon, able to be bought or rented on Instant Video. It can also be pre-ordered on iTunes, although a date for its release there isn't yet set. So if you haven't yet gotten around to seeing it in theaters (seriously, what's wrong with you?) or you have seen it and just want to watch it in a place a bit more... private, then pretty soon, you'll be able. In the meantime, here are nine other movies to watch that have the hot-men-dance thing down:

1. The Full Monty

The Full Monty is a movie about male strippers, but it's a bit different than Magic Mike, to say the least. A comedy about a group of unemployed men who decide to strip naked (aka do "the full monty") in order to raise money, the film was a massive success. It was even nominated for the 1997 Best Picture Oscar. It's available to watch on Amazon, Google Play, On Demand, and iTunes.

2. Dirty Dancing

True, there's really only one hot male dancer in this movie (sorry, Robbie, you don't count), but it's Patrick Swayze, so believe me, it's enough. Dirty Dancing is an absolute classic — check it out all the regular places online, plus Netflix.

3. Chocolate City

About a college student who gets convinced by a strip club owner to join his all male-revue, Chocolate City was made as a response to Magic Mike's mostly-white cast. It didn't do too well at the box office, but it did get Channing Tatum's endorsement. Watch it on on Amazon, Google Play, On Demand, and iTunes.

4. Step Up

Can't get enough Channing Tatum? Check him out in Step Up, the 2006 dance movie that started his career (as well as wife Jenna Dewan Tatum's). You can see it on on Amazon, Google Play, On Demand, and iTunes.

5. Billy Elliott

The boy dancer at the center of this movie is only 11, but he grows up to be Jamie Bell. Come for that knowledge, stay for the great dancing and the hilarious script. Watch the film on on Amazon, Google Play, On Demand, and iTunes.

6. Footloose

A classic in the dance movie genre, 1984's Footloose starred a 20-something Kevin Bacon as a music-loving teen who makes trouble in a town where dance and rock are banned. It may not have gotten the best reviews, but it's legacy is still huge over 30 years later. You can see it through all the regular places online, plus Netflix.

7. La Bare

Magic Mike star Joe Manganiello directed, produced, and starred in this documentary about the world's most popular male strip club, Dallas' La Bare. Watch it everywhere online, including Netflix.

8. Saturday Night Fever

It's hard to imagine a movie like this being made now, but back in 1997, the world was captivated by John Travolta's starring turn as a working class 19-year-old who spends weekends dancing to disco. Even dated, it's a total classic. Watch the film on on Amazon, Google Play, On Demand, and iTunes.

9. Happy Feet

Okay, this movie is more "adorable" than "hot," but the 2006 comedy is too good not to include. I mean, it's dancing penguins! What's not to love? Check it out on Amazon, Google Play, On Demand, and iTunes.

Until Magic Mike XXL becomes available online, these nine movies should ease the wait — and make those dance classes you took as a kid look way cooler now.

Image: Warner Bros.