Which Fast Food Restaurants Offer Booze?

There are people in this world who claim that booze pairs best with refined and formal cuisine, but those people have obviously never tried pizza and beer together. There's just something that seems right about being able to sip on your favorite libation while downing a Chipotle burrito, and for people who love all things food and booze, a new infographic from the wine blog Vinepair shows us which fast food chains serve alcohol to their customers. Now, you'll never find yourself wondering where you can get both a value meal and a glass of chardonnay ever again.

I've been known to pick up some takeout fast food, only to bring it home and enjoy it with a refreshing beer or a glass of merlot. The fact that I might be able to enjoy both of those things inside of the restaurant, right next to the playplace and ball pit? It's almost too much to handle.

As Vinepair's infographic demonstrates, many fast food chains are now offering beer and wine as a refreshment choice. However, fewer are serving up hard liquor as an option on their beverage menu. (What's so wrong with wanting to enjoy a martini with my oversized slice of pizza?! I guess that's a question to ask some other time.)

Still, it's a relief to see that a bunch of fast food franchises are jumping on the booze bandwagon. If these companies are all about meeting the needs and demands of their consumers (have it your way, anyone?), it's important to recognize that we might not all want a milkshake or soft drink with our Whopper. We're adults after all. (But can I still get the Big Kids meal? Those were the best.)

Curious to see which of your favorite fast food chains are willing to meet your boozy needs? Take a look at Vinepair's infographic below, and start planning your fast food culinary tour.

Knowing you can get alcohol at your favorite fast food stops is one thing. But, knowing what to actually order? That's a totally different ballgame. That's why I've pulled together a few of my favorite booze recommendations for a couple of fast food chains.

Obviously, if you're pigging out at Chipotle, you need to order one of their delicious margaritas. Heading to Starbucks? Grab a girlfriend, and enjoy a glass of chardonnay along with a small plate on their evening menu. Digging in to a slice of pizza the size of your face at Sbarro? You can't go wrong with pizza and beer, so enjoy a Coors Light with your delicious slice.

No matter what you choose, you're bound to appreciate the availability of alcohol at your favorite fast food chains. Basically, it's our own personal version of heaven on earth.

Images: James/Flickr; Vinepair; Giphy