11 Envy-Inducing Pictures From Kylie's Birthday

If you are anything like me, when you turned 18, you probably had some friends over, ate some homemade sheet cake, watched a movie, and talked about guys for the rest of the night. But even if you aren’t — maybe you had a huge blowout party, got a hot new car, and picked out the perfect dress for the occasion — chances are your celebration was nowhere near as amazing asKylie Jenner’s 18th birthday party was. Why? Well, first of all, it lasted for an entire week. Kylie celebrated her birthday for a second time this past weekend in Montreal, and this party was just as extravagant as her first. So there’s that. Second of all, her celebration contained all of the most fabulous Kardashian elements: fancy clothes, fancy cakes, and even fancier celebs.

No one throws a party like the Kardashians throw a party, and they can add Kylie’s incredible blowout to the years of weddings, showers, and birthdays that have come before. Thankfully Kylie, her sisters, and the friends she invited documented the entire thing in a bevy of Instagrams and Snapchats, all of which I have totally been living vicariously through.

I mean, just look at some of these awesome pictures. They’re enough to induce major jealousy, even if your birthday celebrations are some of the best. Nobody parties better than the Kardashians, and these seven pictures prove it.

But be careful. These pictures might just make you think this sort of luxury is normal, so be sure to have your best friend on standby to give you a reality check. You’re going to need someone to remind you that it’s unrealistic for you to ask for a Porsche and a boy band for your next birthday.

Her Dresses

Raffi Kirdi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Raffi Kirdi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kylie’s show-stopping Nicolas Jebran mini-dress stood out among a see of guests all dressed in black. The new adult sparkled like the star she is in this dress that I wish I could A.) afford, and B.) pull off for my next birthday celebration. But that wasn't the only thing she wore. Jenner wore three dresses throughout her multiple birthday bashes and they were all gorgeous.

Her Fabulous GNO

Imagine being at this table of fabulous girls. Kylie and her friends started the celebration with a birthday dinner at The Nice Guy in West Hollywood. Famous faces in the crowd included family members Kendall and Caitlyn Jenner.

Her Cake

OK, both of her cakes. The reality and fashion star got two cakes — one at Sunday night’s celebration and one a week later at her Canadian bash. I honestly can’t tell you which one I like better, and I honestly don’t care. I want both.

A New Ferrari

The 1999 Honda Civic I was driving when I turned 18 has got nothing on this brand new Ferrari that Tyga gifted Kylie. Dating a man who can afford to buy me a Ferrari is my new #relationshipgoals.

All Those Celebs

Can you imagine having Hollywood It Girl Gigi Hadid and other celebrities at your birthday party? I can not. But I like to imagine it. Like, all the time.

That Zayn Sighting

Who’s coming to my birthday this year? Oh, no one important. Just some teenage heartthrobs. And a former member of the world’s most famous boy band.

The $100K Paycheck

Kylie was reportedly paid over $100K to attend her birthday party in Montreal. When was the last time you got paid to party? And paid a lot. This is definitely the one that makes me the most jealous. Just think of all of the student loans you could pay off with that. Sigh.

So, um. Yeah. I’m not ashamed to say that these pictures make me totally jealous. And who wouldn’t be? Now someone bring back down to Earth and remind me not to make out my birthday wish list anytime soon.