Kylie Jenner's Birthday Present Is Kontroversial

By Kaitlin Reilly

Here's a mind-blowing fact for you: Kylie Jenner just turned 18 on Monday. Yes, the youngest Jenner may already be a home owner, a fan of lip injections, and a bonafide social media mogul, but she became all of those things when she was still a minor. Obviously Jenner knows the art of the hustle, and she's not letting a little thing like her young age stand in the way of going after everything that she wants. There's one thing that I hope very much that Jenner did want, of course, and that's her crazy birthday present. According to reports, rumored boyfriend Tyga bought Jenner a Ferrari for her birthday, and it's allegedly worth more than a four-year education at a private college. It may be Jenner's birthday but Twitter is a little bit bitter about the whole thing, to say the least.

As with pretty much everything that the Kardashian-Jenner clan does, the internet has something to say about Kylie's alleged birthday present from her (rumored!) bae. Mostly these people are upset because they haven't received a gift as lavish as Jenner's whip, but also, like... has anyone? I think we should all follow that old saying about how the grass isn't always greener on the other side, even if the other side has a custom Ferrari on it.

Here are some very bitter Twitter reactions to Jenner's present:

Here's hoping all of these Twitter users have fabulous birthdays... even if they don't get the Ferrari of their dreams.

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