9 Shoes For Fall That Aren't Boots

If you're eagerly anticipating for the weather to turn cooler and counting down the days until you can bust out your favorite fall fashion threads, then you're most likely obsessing over boots and booties right now. Don't worry, you're definitely not alone girl, but I have to say, there are a bunch of other fall shoes that aren't boots and need some love come September. I know when the green leaves begin to turn gold and the weather starts to get a little wetter and colder, it's easy to just head straight to your knee-highs, combat boots, and booties. But before winter makes its way in, fall is the perfect time to thoroughly wear your non-boot shoes. Plus, if it's still super hot during the fall where you live, it'd be best to keep your feet aired out in order to avoid any chances of stank boot. (Ew.)

You never thought you'd feel this way, but maybe you're tired of wearing your denim shorts, flowy chiffon tanks, and Birkenstocks. You feel like you've gotten a healthy dose of summer fashion these past three months and you're ready to turn in your sandals. But before you head straight to the boot aisle, remember there are plenty of other styles you should consider sporting before the snow or rain comes. Giving your toes and feet a break from heavy boots is a good idea every so often, especially if it's all you're going to wear, come winter!

Here are 9 other shoe styles besides boots that'll go great with your fall closet.

1. Heeled Oxfords

Frye Phoebe Heeled Oxford, $150,

An easy way to add a vintage touch to your outfit is with some classic heeled oxfords.

2. Loafers

She Slip-On Loafer, $405,

These are so great for work or business-casual outfits. I particularly love slip-on loafers just because they're like sandals, but for the fall — easy to put on if you're running late and they air out your feet.

3. Pumps

Gianvito Pumps, $539,

These babies are classy all-year-round.

4. Flats

Lowell Flat, $250,

These Tory Burch flats come in beautifully rich colors that are perfect for fall.

5. Sneakers

Radical, $110,

Feel free to wear white after Labor Day like a badass.

6. Chunky Flatform Sandals

Jessie Suede Flatform Sandals, $250,

It's a comfortable way to add a little height without having to wear heels.

7. Brogues

Miista Victoria Buckle Strap Brogues, $225,

Buckles scream fall.

8. Moccasins

Minnetonka Fundamental Footwork Flat, $43,

They're like a casual form of loafers.

9. Wedges

Chinese Laundry Jump Drive Wedge Sandals, $40,

Pair these with a midi skirt and you're set for fall.

Image: Courtesy of Brands