9 Ways To Style A High Neckline For Big Boobs

Having big boobs makes the clothes you wear and how you wear them completely different than it would be for a person with a smaller chest. One thing I've recently mastered is how to wear a high neckline with big boobs — although if I'm honest, my issues with it were completely made up in my own head. Since working out that I was working myself up over nothing, I've now realized that busty girls can wear anything and pull it off well.

For many years, I was always under the impression that a high neckline often emphasizes a larger chest instead of "flattering" it (whatever that means), I decided I wouldn't never don a high neckline again. While embracing low necklines and deciding that never again should I wear a turtleneck or even a high rise T-shirt, I also succumbed to a Mad Men marathon. Watching Joan Holloway (Christina Hendricks) appear with her unapologetically big bust in a higher necked dress than we're used to from Hendricks, I was filled with delight and comfort. Her character's '60s style was stunning, and I realized then that I didn't have to choose between low neck and high neck.

Instead of trying to come up with ways to minimize your breasts' space in the world, show them off with these styling tips on how to rock a high neckline with big boobs.

1. Long Necklace

Joan Holloway's necklace is a signature piece in Mad Men and the thin, long chain shows off her bust even when it's covered.

2. Horizontal Stripes

People love to say that horizontal stripes make your body look wider — but who says this has to be a bad thing, or something that matters at all? The way a stripey T-shirt can stretch across your boobs will only enhance what's already there.

3. Short Sleeves

Having your arms out will help to break up your outfit, and the short sleeves will add a casual and fun touch to any look.

4. Brooch

Why haven't cool brooches made their way back into everyone's lives yet? They're just another way of showing off your boobs without having to change any clothing at all.

5. Skater Skirt

Mirroring the curves of your top half with a bouncy skater skirt is so much fun.

6. Pencil Skirt

You can keep your high neckline sexy with a pencil skirt — showing off your silhouette without even revealing anything is a damn good look.

7. A Choker

Bring attention to your neck and the skin you are showing, because necks are totally underappreciated for their sexiness!

8. Wide Leg Pants

Keep everything covered and look chic as hell in these trousers. Make minimalism work with big boobs, don't shy away from it!

9. Shorts

Or if you want to show your legs, that's totally cool too! Shorts keep it simple and stylish, and bare legs often balance out a bigger chest.

Images: Mad Men/AMC (2)