Maddie Ziegler’s Prettiest Dance Outfits

It’s a fact known by every Dance Moms fan — Maddie Ziegler gets the prettiest outfits. Just ask the other dance moms. The most frequent complaints — and the source of the show’s major drama — is the fact that Ziegler always get the best choreography and the best costumes. But let’s stay out of that fray, shall we? Whether or not you think the dance moms have something to be upset about, it really can’t be argued with: Maddie Ziegler has worn some gorgeous dance costumes in her day.

It’s always best when the costume complements the music, and the 12-year-old's outfits on Dance Moms often do. A regular lyrical dancer, her best costumes are flowy and feminine, and move perfectly with her body. The loveliness of her costumes make her dancing even more beautiful. It makes me wonder: Are her costumes so pretty because they really are, or because she makes them look that good?

Whether or not you’re a huge Dance Moms fan (or even a fan of Ziegler), you’ll love taking a look at some of her prettiest costumes from Dance Moms and participating in an endless string of dance competitions. Maddie’s dancing might be some of the best I’ve ever seen from such a young dancer, but these nine amazing outfits definitely have something to do with making her appear even more flawless and professional when she hits that stage.

1. The Flower Child

Regardless of what the other girls are wearing, she always stands out in group numbers.

2. Beautiful In Blue

Flowing chiffon is totally Ziegler's jam.

3. Dancing With The Stars

Except, in this beautiful pink dress, Ziegler is totally the star.

4. The Working Girl

A good dance always has a theme, but a good dancer never lets the theme outshine their dancing.

5. The Princess Of Award Shows

Brendon Thorne/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I can’t even keep track of how many award shows Ziegler has danced in, but this was one of the prettiest costumes she wore while doing it, that’s for sure.

6. Flowers, Flowers Everywhere

Because, why not? They make any dance outfit prettier.

7. The Wrinkly One

Still, somehow it looks pristine against baby Maddie's face. Look how wittle and cute she was!

8. The Baby Ballerina

It wouldn’t be an Abbie Lee Miller dance if her star dancer wasn't looking adorable.

9. Frozen

In this one they're all in the same costume, and they all look great!

I'm not saying the other moms are right to complain about how Ziegler always gets the best costumes, but I do think they are onto something. Because it's undeniable after looking at these pictures that her costumes are gorgeous.