'Dance Moms' Season 5 Ended On A Sour Note

With the nationals dance competition and the opening of the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) Los Angeles studio, the moms in the Season 5 finale of Dance Moms had a lot to be worried about. The ALDC had only won 15 out of 25 competitions in Season 5, so were they able to win at nationals in the Season 5 finale of Dance Moms? In a reoccurring theme ever since the ALDC moved to Los Angeles, the parents were concerned that Abby Lee Miller was too absent from rehearsals leading up the big Center Stage Dance Productions national competition. Even with their leader absent for some of the week though, the girls performed fabulously, but that didn't matter since the girls lost at nationals, breaking their four-year winning streak.

As Kendall's mom Jill said, it's been a "stormy dance season" and that didn't change during the Aug. 11 episode "Chaos at Nationals." Maddie and Ava from Jeanette's BDA competed in solos against each other, with Ava being the victor much to Abby's dismay. Abby did allow Nia to perform a solo in the teen division and even with her music skipping, she secured second place like Maddie. For the group dances at nationals, Abby always choreographs intense-themed dances and Season 5 was no exception. The girls had to convey the message of waiting to know if people survived after a car accident in a hospital waiting room. But their emotional performance along with the dance's heavy theme didn't work for the girls this time.

If the loss wasn't enough, Abby flipped over her team getting second to Jeanette's BDA group, and walked out of the competition with some of the moms and dancers in tow. Although the ALDC was impressive, it doesn't justify walking out on the competition — and it's a terrible example to set for the young dancers. As Jojo's mom Jessalynn said, Abby should be focusing on all of the good things the girls accomplished in Season 5 instead of a second place at nationals. But, hey — what would a season finale be without a little drama? Let's just hope the ALDC's loss at nationals doesn't negatively affect Season 6 too much.

Image: Bobby Quillard/Lifetime