This 60-Year-Old Beauty Vlogger Is Fabulous

What would you think if your grandma starting beauty vlogging? Sixty-year-old beauty YouTuber Melissa55 is the mother of two children and seven grandchildren (according to her bio), but still makes time to post weekly videos about her outfits and beauty routine. Jezebel came across her YouTube page after her niece posted about her "mega-babe" aunt on a Facebook makeup group — and she definitely is a mega-babe. In her YouTube bio, she confirms what viewers can assume from her charming Southern accent:

"We [my family and I] live in a small southern town in East Tennessee. My family is everything to me. Every Sunday, I fix a big Sunday dinner and we all gather at our house to recharge our batteries and just have fun together. My husband, Doug, and I live in an 1886 Victorian house that we are still in the process of restoring! I feel like if we stick together in this aging journey, we can lift up each other and grow older gracefully and beautifully.... Love, Melissa."

Now, I don't know about you, but neither of my grandmothers are fashion-savvy, let alone tech-savvy. Melissa knows what she's doing, though — from tutorials on how to get that big Southern hair to what it's like to Botox and fillers (talk about honesty!), she shares all of her ~secrets~.

Just like any other good beauty lover, Melissa loves heeled booties and Laura Mercier foundation. She only has around a casual 8,000 subscribers (not quite Kathleen Lights, but not totally unknown), and all of her videos are total gems. She covers everything from eyelash extensions to keratin treatments, so she knows what all the beauty gurus want to hear. Even her hauls are full of the good stuff — Sally Hansen, CoverGirl, and Essie. In one of her videos on Retin-A, it was to my surprise that she was wearing the same bodycon Free People Intimates dress that I own. Yes, bodycon. This grandma can seriously work it.

No offense to my own grandmas, but I'd love to have this grandma at my Christmas gatherings, too. I can only imagine how fabulous she would make me look with a smoky eye and voluptous curls.

And trust me — her glam style is applicable to everyone. Here she is rocking a Walmart (!) dress.

Needless to say, age is definitely no measure of chicness. I can only hope I'm as classy and fashionable as Melissa55 when I hit my peak.

Image: Melissa55/Youtube (1)