11 Best IG Accounts For Finding Beauty Products

With thousands of beauty products on the market, it can be hard to pick the right ones. That's why I look to the best beauty bloggers on Instagram when it comes to finding new makeup. Think of them as your BFFs who just happen to know everything about all the top products out there. And at just a click away, there's no reason not to take advantage of their advice — although I don't recommend trying to make conversation with them through your computer screen because they won't talk back.

From palettes to polishes and everything in between, the Internet makes it easier than ever to find beauty gurus who know all there is to know about makeup. Nothing is worse than spending money on a product that you end up hating, so why not let the experts do that for you? That's a big win for you and your wallet.

Some perfect the lip pout while others are obsessed with nails, but keeping an arsenal of top 'grams in your feed will make sure you've always got some advice on hand. Say goodbye to aimlessly wandering around the beauty aisles, because these makeup mavens are here to help.

I've scrolled through my feed to cull some of the best Instagrammers for helping you discover new favorites, so let's see some double taps for these talented bloggers!

1. @thelodownblog

Run by Lo Bosworth, this blog is fairly new but does a great job of spotlighting a variety of different products. She dives into everything from what to wear to what to eat, and her posts are always informative.

2. @mpnails

If you're obsessed with nails, then this is the 'gram to follow. Madeline Poole is the Sally Hansen Global Color Ambassador and she's always posting nail tutorials and colors of the day to try out.

3. @fiorebeauty

Fiore Beauty Founder Jaimi Brooks tackles the hottest makeup trends and some out-there beauty finds — hello, coffee scrubs — and isn't afraid to highlight her very favorite.

4. @kathleenlights

Whether its filming YouTube tutorials or just filling her followers in on what she's wearing, there's something for everyone on this trendy girl's Insta.

5. @misswhoeverur

The queen of lipstick is completely honest in her posts and video tutorials. She's got tips for everything from taming natural hair to adding a pop of color to your all-natural makeup look.

6. @raeview

When the former beauty pageant star isn't writing about her all-time favorite products, she's doing fun posts where she lets her sister give her a makeover or scopes out the best travel bags.

7. @hello_natural

Okay, so technically this isn't a beauty product Instagram, but I just had to sneak it in here. The site shows how to make your own products at home, and how to make healthy eats!

8. @beautybydchinchilla

Currently on tour with Ariana Grande, this man knows his stuff when it comes to makeup. He's got helpful tutorials and spotlights his favorite products to use on the stars.

9. @icovetthee

Jet-setting to different beauty conferences and getting personal with her makeup, this beauty shows her followers everything — and her pictures are absolutely gorgeous.

10. @thisthatbeauty

Felicia Walker Benson is the social media editor for Bergdorfs. She keeps it real when it comes to her beauty advice, and you'll thank her later.

11. @byrdiebeauty

If you don't follow this site, click that button ASAP. The blog walks you through exactly what to buy and how-to achieve whatever look you want.

Happy following! Your wallet might not thank me, but your face sure will.

Image: fiorebeauty/Instagram