Are You Washing Your Face Incorrectly?

Maybe your skincare routine needs an update, or perhaps you just learned, thanks to us, that you may be washing your face incorrectly. Whatever the reason, you've come to the conclusion that your face is definitely not where you want it to be. What's a girl got to do to get her glowing complexion back? Get back to the basics, says British Vogue.

First thing's first: there's no right or wrong way to wash your face (unless you're washing your face with popcorn oil), but there are ways to improve your face-washing techniques. British Vogue uploaded a tutorial video on how to properly cleanse your face, which was quite informative and enlightening. After watching the descriptive, minute-long tutorial, I feel like I haven't been utilizing my face wash to its full potential. Although taking care of our skin is super important, it's easy to rush through our day-to-day regimens and unfortunately, that includes our skincare routines. British Vogue reminds us that we need to return back to the basics and utilize our hands to their fullest, face-washing potential. Watch out, Clarisonic!

The video tutorial starts out with model, Lottie Hayes tying back her hair into a ponytail to keep all her hair out of her face. Then the tutorial's narrator describes that the best part of your hands to lather cleansers are on your palms.

The tutorial explains that after your hands are thoroughly soapy, the first area on your face to tackle are the sides of your nose and the bridge. The video goes into more depth about what parts of your face should be cleansed by your fingers and what parts should be rubbed with your palms.

Sure, this tutorial might not teach you anything new, but it serves as a great reminder that you should be more thoughtful when washing your mug. After all, it's the only one you've got!

Image: iamayababes/Instagram