10 Vegan Leather Jackets To Shop ASAP

by Lindsey Rose Black

Though the struggle for vegans can still be all kinds of real at restaurants, it's getting easier than ever to shop vegan fashion. Designers are making beautiful cruelty-free products, including this round-up of the best vegan leather jackets just in time for fall. Save a cow and still look stylish and warm? Heck yes.

Thanks to a multitude of celebrities going vegan and vegetarian over the past decade (as well as the work of PETA), fashion options have expanded like whoa. Several major luxury designer names like Stella McCartney, Hugo Boss, and Calvin Klein are committed to being fur-free in all of their collections. Stella McCartney even took it one step further and just cut ties with wool suppliers in Argentina after learning the animals were mistreated.

If the thought of veganism intimidates you, making cruelty-free fashion choices is a great way to dip your toes into the lifestyle. Several wonderful Bustle writers have already scouted out 10 of the best vegan designers and beauty products. And if you're feeling super inspired, be sure to check out how to become a vegan in 11 easy steps.

Whether you're a hardcore vegan, veg-life curious, or only wear leather all day every day (dang, don't you get hot?), these faux leather jackets are bound to win you over. Happy scrolling!

1. Atomic Vegan Leather Jacket

Atomic Vegan Leather Jacket , $118, NastyGal

The zip ties and belted waist are so tough and chic. Love.

2. Vegan Leather + Fleece Moto Jacket

Silence + Noise Vegan Hooded Leather Jacket , $129, Urban Outfitters

The fleece creates such a chill color block vibe. Digging. It.

3. Faux Leather Biker Jacket

Faux Leather Biker Jacket, $105, TopShop

Ugh loving the fuzzy (but fur-free!) collar on this one.

4. Autumn Faux Leather Jacket

Autumn Faux Leather Jacket , $134, Bloomingdale

Isn't this the dreamiest shade of milk chocolate?

5. Fringe Vegan Leather Jacket

Blank NYC Fringe Vegan Leather Jacket, $138, Urban Outfitters

For all your fabulously fringy needs.

6. Canyon-Colored Vegan Leather Bomber

Vegan Leather Bomber, $98, Anthropologie

Leave it to Anthro to make the most beautiful canyon-colored vegan leather jacket.

7. Long Sleeve Faux Leather Jacket

Kut from the Kloth Vegan Leather Jacket, $90, Macy's

Can't even get over how cool the folded print cuffs on this one are.

8. Red Faux Moto

Free People Faux Leather Moto Jacket, $168, Bloomingdale's

This red faux moto is edgy meets preppy heaven.

9. Drapey Faux Jacket

BB Dakota Drapey Faux Leather Jacket, $88, Bloomingdale's

I am so in love with how flowy and mod this is!

10. Classic Biker

Blank NYC Classic Biker Faux Leather Jacket, $98, Nordstrom

The quintessential biker jacket perfect for chilly nights.

Image Credit: NastyGal; Silence + Noise; TopShop; BB Dakota; Blank NYC; Anthropologie; Kut From The Kloth; Free People; BB Dakota; Nordstrom