Amy Schumer Is Gonna Slay On 'Saturday Night Live'

Get ready for some quality humor, guys, because Amy Schumer is slated to host Saturday Night Live on Oct. 10. According to a Monday, Aug. 17 post from The Hollywood Reporter, Schumer will be the second star to kick off SNL's new season, with Miley Cyrus hosting the Oct. 3 premier, and veteran Tracy Morgan returning to the fold as host on Oct. 17. (Not a shabby lineup, eh?) I'm honestly surprised that this appearance will mark Schumer's debut as host, as the comedian/actress/feminist hero has been showcasing some formidable comedy chops for quite a while now. Comedy Central's Inside Amy Schumer manages to be unremitting in its delivery of hilarious sketches, which deftly garners laughs while also unveiling cultural and political issues that continue to have a pernicious effect on our nation's landscape. Moreover, Schumer's roots in standup comedy alone make her a prime candidate to slay SNL's staple opening monologue, and her recent turn as leading lady in Trainwreck proved there's no limit to what this badass starlet can do. Have I mentioned that I'm a big Schumer fan, yet? I am.

There's no doubt about it — Schumer is poised to absolutely nail her SNL hosting gig. If you need proof, I have exercised my skills as a Schumer superfan to illustrate why the comedian is going to absolutely slay.

1. She Knows How To Ace A Digital Short

Sketches like "Girl, You Don't Need Makeup" and "Milk Milk Lemonade" are ripe for SNL digital shorts. I can only imagine what type of hilarious music video shorts could be in store! It could be, like, "I'm On A Boat" level good. YAS!

2. She Has Hosting Experience

Schumer nailed it when she hosted the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards — and that was, like, two hours and some change. Hosting SNL should be a piece of cake.

3. She's Tight With Bill Hader

One of the most beloved SNL alums starred along Schumer in Trainwreck — and proved he has the whole "leading man" thing down to a science [insert swooning emoji here].

4. Standup Is The Ultimate In Monologue Training

Schumer's standup career continues to thrive despite her jam-packed schedule — rising to megastar status tends to get busy. Her hosting debut will precede her upcoming HBO special, Amy Schumer: Live From the Apollo. If you can solitarily entertain a crowd of thousands for over an hour, there's no doubt that you can split sides during a brief opening monologue. I. Can't. Wait.

5. She's Never Afraid To Push The Envelope

If you're going to host SNL, you'd best be prepared to do a brazen take on some subjects. Schumer never shies from irreverence or boldly going where few comedians have gone before.

6. She Can Render The Biggest Comedy Legends Speechless

Even Ellen Degeneres had trouble talking through chortles when Schumer made an appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show last April.

7. It's Amy Schumer, People

Need I say more?

As one who is turning 30 on Oct. 1 (gah!), I am officially considering Schumer's turn on SNL to be the best belated birthday present imaginable. This may warrant some live tweeting between laughs — it's gonna be that good.

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