PSA: contrary to what you might have seen on the internet today, pictures of Jennifer Aniston's wedding dress have not been released. A Facebook fan page riled up the public by posting a picture of the back of a sorta Jen look-alike in a wedding gown, but it is, I repeat, NOT JEN. I mean, releasing official wedding photos after a super secret wedding she hasn't even confirmed yet just seems slightly out of character, no?

When I found out Jen and Justin tied the knot last week, my first question was: What did the dress look like? Apparently, her fandom feels the same, because a fan page posted a picture of the backside of a tan bronde in a wedding dress on their timeline today, and fans totally freaked out for a hot minute. Until they realized it is definitely not Aniston in the photo. Whether they were trying to fool us, or just speculating at what she wore, it was still a total tease. We didn't even get grainy, super-zoomed pap snaps of her dress. Nothing, nada, zip. You don't have to rub it in, Facebook!

The wedding gown in the photo was designed by Dimitrius Dalia, and the model (at very first glance) could definitely be Aniston.

But you can find the front view of the dress on the designer's site, and it's clearly not Jen.

As dramatic and stunning as this dress is, it doesn't really fit with Jennifer's laid back style. I'm thinking she went with something a little more understated — but maybe she can go ahead and release some official photos now to set the record straight?

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Images: Dimitrius Dalia; Getty Images