Amber Kept A Low Profile On 'The Bachelor'

Amber, who? Yeah, it's harsh, but it's not not true, is it? Amber is joining Bachelor in Paradise on Monday and the whole world might say, "Who dat?" because we don't remember Amber from Chris Soules' season. The Chicago girl is joining Paradise a little late in the game, but that doesn't mean she's out for the count. If you're trying to remember just what happened with Amber on The Bachelor , you're not alone. Her time on the franchise was a little lackluster, but that doesn't mean she can't win our hearts in Paradise.

Amber isn't the first person to join Bachelor in Paradise and leave me a little perplexed. Samantha — Amber's "BFF" — joined the cast on Sunday (and made quite a splash), and even Chris Harrison was like "No one knows who you are LOL." (I wish I was kidding, but that's essentially what he said, with a little AIM talk thrown in.) Amber only survived three weeks on The Bachelor, but that was obviously enough to get her on Bachelor In Paradise. Will Amber find love in Paradise, and if so, with who? We won't know that until she walks down those steps and gets that date card, but I'm hopeful she'll make more of an impression than last time around.

To refresh your memory, let's relive just what went down when Amber was on The Bachelor.

She Brought Chris A Teddy Bear

It was cute, I think? But it wasn't necessarily the biggest hook to make Chris remember her/ fall in love with her. Not saying I could come up with anything better, but that's why I am not applying to fall in love with Ben H.

She Went On The Zombie Paintball Group Date

Amber was a ~star~ at the paintball date. And by star, I mean she opened fire almost immediately at the first sight of a zombie. Can't say I blame her. For a major Amber Moment, watch the clip to see her imitate Ashley S.'s shooting style.

She Went On The Farm Group Date

Unfortunately, this is about as far as Amber got. After this group date, Amber didn't make a strong enough impression on Chris and got the boot. Probably for the best, since she is now in Paradise, and hopefully going to find someone who didn't make women drink warm goat's milk.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC