Who Is Amber From 'Bachelor In Paradise'? She Didn't Win Chris Soules' Heart, But Might Do Better In Mexico

I love The Bachelor franchise, but it can't be denied that it can be a little hard to tell everyone vying for love apart — the casting can be pretty homogenous. That's why when Amber James competed on The Bachelor last season, I was excited to see someone who's doesn't look exactly like the rest of the cast (read: Not another white girl with super long brunette or blonde extensions) joining the show. Unfortunately, she was eliminated in only the third episode of Chris' season, but what Amber James has been up to since the Bachelor shows that she was a charismatic contestant. And she managed to score a kiss with Chris in just her short time on the show, so she's able to get over those early first date jitters quickly. That all makes Amber sound like a perfect candidate for Bachelor in Paradise.

So, I'm happy that I spotted Amber in the BiP Season 2 trailer, because I think she deserves a second chance at reality TV. Back when she was first eliminated from The Bachelor, Amber gave an interview with The Daily Journal where she said she'd be open to appearing in Paradise . I'm glad ABC grabbed her, because getting to know Amber James more will just make you love her.

She's Based In Chicago

Her love of the Chicago Bears must make those cold winters go by more quickly.

She's BFFs With Fellow Member Of The Bachelor Samantha Steffen

These two have the cutest friendship! Even though they live far apart, they became friends while shooting The Bachelor and are always visiting one another or Tweeting at one another. It's really endearing.

She's Very Popular Among The Rest Of The Bachelor Family

It's not just Sam. who loves Amber — it seems like lots of other cast members really like her, so she'll probably be popular in Paradise.

And, She Loves Her Real Family Too

Amber posts frequently about hanging out with her own family, too. So cute!

She Spends As Much Time As Possible Outside

Maybe she just loves documenting summer days on Instagram, but this girl has seemingly unlimited bikinis. Perfect for Paradise.

She's Working On A New Career In Hospitality

To The Daily Journal, she said that she'd be interested in pursuing hotel management now that The Bachelor gave her more confidence. According to her LinkedIn, Amber currently works for the WIT Hotel in Chicago, so she's making her dream a reality.

She Loves The West Coast

Her Twitter bio says "west coast dreamin," but she still hasn't made the move. Maybe after a stint on Paradise, Amber will find the perfect guy to start a new life in LA with... I don't know how she could head to Mexico and not find love there.

Images: Craig Sjodin/ABC