Is Juelia Friends With Samantha & Joe After 'BiP'?

Poor Juelia Kinney. She’s really been caught in the crosshairs of this Bachelor In Paradise mess. Last week, Joe Bailey was all about Juelia, saying all of the right things in order for her to give him a rose, and then when her friend (that’s definitely worth mentioning) Samantha Steffen came to the show, Joe dropped Juelia like a bad habit and took up with the new girl. Ouch — Juelia was out a date and, more importantly, a best bud, and evidence points to Joe and Sammi having had planned this destruction prior to the show. It’s been a few months since this betrayal, so what does Juelia think of Joe and Samanatha after Bachelor in Paradise?

Joe's first flame was the guest on the After Paradise show with Jenny Mollen and Chris Harrison, and though she was fairly kind about the words she used to talk about them, Juelia confirmed that her friendship with both Joe and Sammi was way over. “For someone to deceive me like that is just disgusting,” she said, continuing, “[She was] one of my best friends. I don’t know how you betray a friendship like that… I hope [they’re] happy together. As for Joe, I feel bad for him. He not only screwed over me, but he screwed over his friends. He made his bed and now he’ll have to lie in it.” Wise words, my friend.

She also said she was the most hurt about losing her friend — she had been friends with Sammi enough to talk all night and vacation together. In grand scheming fashion, Sammi is playing the backtracking card hard right now. Is it because she misses her pal or just realizes how bad she looks in the public eye?

If I were Juelia, I would find Sammi’s betrayal more egregious, too. She clearly told Joe what to do and say to producers in regards to their relationship. Why would you do that to someone you call a friend?

Like Clare said, with pals like that, who needs enemies? Hopefully, Juelia has moved on to some better friends since this all happened. She deserves better.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC