Did Joe & Sammi Plan Their 'BiP' Meeting?

Okay, Bachelor Nation — now, Bachelor In Paradise is getting somewhere. We were a little low on the drama and intrigue, and now producers are serving up a ton of it in the way of Joe and and his new lady. The show is even making it look like Joe and Samantha are plotting together on Bachelor in Paradise. You see, Joe went hard for Juelia last week, whispering sweet nothings in her ears and convincing her to give him a rose. But then, Sammi (of Chris Soules' season) showed up and Joe dropped Juelia like third period French. Their relationship was so sudden that the question begs to be asked — did Joe and Samantha know each other prior to being on Bachelor in Paradise ?

Everyone else on the show seems to think so. Tanner told Jared that Joe showed Tanner screenshots of text conversations in which Sammi told Joe to stay on the show until she got there no matter what. Seems sketchy, no? Later on, cameras caught the new villainous duo having a “secret” (like there are any secrets on these shows ever) conversation where they were corroborating their stories. It’s not against the rules for these contestants to know each other — they all meet at parties and during different Bachelor events and often follow each other on social media. Because the Bachelor community is so small, it would be stupid to make a rule saying that no one could have contact before a show like Bachelor in Paradise. That being said, it is pretty gross to scheme to exploit someone in Paradise while you’re waiting for someone else.

Both Sammi and her beach beau are acting completely innocent about this whole “we schemed against Juelia” thing, and everyone else is not buying it. Tensions are high in the house against the new couple, and you know what? These two lovebirds don’t really care. They’re rolling around in the surf, holding hands, and smooching all over paradise. But, since nothing good can stay, I have a feeling that a drama storm is coming for Sammi and Joe that even they can’t plan for. It's never a good thing to have the whole Bachelor house against you, and that's definitely where they stand right now.

Images: Rick Rowell