Gaby Is Now A 'SYTYCD' Top Contender

It might not have been the most racially and ethnically sensitive dance routine concept in the world, but Gaby Diaz's Top Ten Hip Hop routine with All-Star Joshua on Monday night's episode of So You Think You Can Dance was amazing and proved that Gaby could easily win the entire competition. Throughout the competition so far, Gaby has been growing more and more as a dancer. She always had the performance aspect down and she was always a hard worker, just watch how she auditioned twice just to get to Las Vegas Week. But the Hip Hop routine choreographed by Pharside and Phoenix showed that Gaby had an ease and fierceness to her in other styles aside from her expertise in tap. There were times in the routine that she overshadowed even Joshua, who is definitely still one of the best Hip Hop dancers that's been on the series.

Gaby joined All-Star Joshua in a Pharside and Phoenix routine that followed a ninja and a geisha going head to head. The concept of the story was to "not judge a book by its cover" according to the choreographers, but to be honest, that didn't really come off in the routine. But nonetheless the moves were awesome, the attitude was incredible, and Gaby was straight perfection. I'm actually not sure who could have done it better than Gaby given her fierceness, unique style and mastery of the moves. She even had some swag and pulled out some A+ twerking as Jason Derulo pointed out. Gaby is a true chameleon on this show, and I can't wait to see what she'll do next. She'll make it to the top for sure.

Images: Screenshot/FOX; Whipclip