Don't Play Egg Roulette With Zac Efron

Is there anyone in the world who isn't in love with Zac Efron? I know falling into those dreamy blue eyes wasn't "cool" in his High School Musical days, though many of us couldn't help it, but, from 17 Again onward, the 27-year-old has taken leaps and bounds to prove himself genuinely hilarious and genuinely good at acting. It was a combination of both that brought him to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Monday night, during which Efron played Egg Roulette with Fallon for the egg-smashing crown. He was there to promote his upcoming music drama film, We Are Your Friends, and his smirking confidence when facing down Fallon on the egg battlefield was the stuff of legend. This was not a man who came to play. This was a man who came to win.

But going down in history as a legend wasn't the only thing that Efron accomplished on Monday night. Oh, no. He also revealed quite a few interesting facts about himself — and, by interesting facts, I mean hilarious facts. Because, seriously, did you know that Efron is an egg whisperer? That must be a useful skill at the supermarket. And that's not the only thing that we know just from watching this video. Such as...

1. No, Seriously, Efron Is Psychic

How else could he know with such expert accuracy exactly which of the eggs he chose were boiled and exactly which ones weren't? He turned the real fun of the competition into guessing whether he was right or wrong, and then, by the end, you were left to realize that he can just see inside the egg or something, IDK.

2. He Really Liked That Suit

Black tie on a grey suit, Efron? Well, he is working it, even with egg dripping down one breast of the jacket. And, according to him, he was really fond of the suit before he got egg all over it, which I can understand. It really brings out his eyes.

3. You Can't Fake This Confidence

When you have Efron sitting across from you at the egg roulette table, you may as well give up, because his confidence is completely unaffected by silly little things like having egg splatters all over his face. In fact, he laughs in the face of your unboiled eggs. That's just plain unnerving. But did it give him the edge he needed to win in this game of chance?

To find out the answer to that, you're just going to have to watch the video.

Image: NBC (4)