Kendall's Latest Look Is Controversial

Kendall and Kylie Jenner are quite a pair. Their sister style act is copied, followed, and critiqued. But they are hardly karbon kopies of one another. When Kendall Jenner did cornrows in a recent Instagram, I immediately thought, "Is she taking inspiration from Kylie?" While Kendall hasn't come under as much fire for wearing this hairstyle, something tells me not everyone will be stoked about another Jenner in cornrows.

It's worth mentioning that Kylie got some heat for wearing cornrows, with actress Amandla Stenberg taking issue with the look and accusing Jenner of cultural appropriation when she wore her hair in this style earlier in the summer.

Stenberg made strong and valid points. The reality starlet addressed things and then moved on, even as the debate continued to be had.

Kendall also sparked some controversy for wearing cornrows once before, with the members of the Twitterverse arguing that the hairstyle was only being considered high fashion because it was she who wore them.

Here are some of the negative comments.

One critic was not a fan of Jenner being celebrated for the time-honored look that has been worn for years.

Other users reminded the Internet that Kendall didn't invent this style.

Another suggested too much attention was being paid to Jenner wearing her hair this way.

I wouldn't be surprised if this recent snap garnered a similar response.

While on vacation in St. Barts, Kendall wore her long, dark hair in thick and chunky braids. She did so in a family photo that also featured Khloe and Kourtney... each in major pout mode.

The elder Jenner sister also wore a black and white, snakeskin print bikini, since we already know that Kendall's bikini style game is on point.

Kendall's hair looked similar to how Kylie wore hers while the sisters were at Coachella.

Kendall's cropped leather moto jacket isn't something we see her in as often as we see her baby sister.

Rob Kim/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kylie rubs off on Kendall so well.

Mirror selfies taken while wearing sexy black undies or swimwear and showing off the midriff are usually a Kylie thing. But Kendall has done it, too.

It's one of Kylie's signature selfie and IG moves.

The bold, well-painted pout has put Kylie on the style map. Kendall's lips are coming into focus more, since she is an Estee Lauder makeup model. It goes with the territory.

The painted, puffy pout is legendary!

Distressed denim is another Kylie closet staple. Kendall's destroyed mini was so cute on her, too.

This is just one of Kylie's many battered denim x jeans looks.

The sisters mirror each other's looks frequently, and some of those ensembles are more controversial than others.

Instagram: Khloe Kardashian/Instagram (1); Kendall Jenner/Instagram (4); Kylie Jenner/Instagram (3)