All Of Kendall & Kylie's Coachella Ensembles

Coachella 2015 is now in the rear view — but thanks to Instagram, we can all relive the fashions beyond fringe, flower crowns, and short shorts, mining celeb feeds for outfit inspo for the billion other festivals of the season. Kendall and Kylie Jenner rocked Coachella 2015 like only they can, and there were plenty of moments their fans will want to replicate.

Kendall took a break from strutting the runways and from nabbing high-profile endorsements, like her new Fendi gig, to show off her take on heavy metal chic, with a Megadeth concert tee and a piles of silver accessories. She may have been dissed by rapper Tyler, The Creator from the stage, but she still showed up in high style.

Of course her little sis Kylie went the hat and hair route, donning trucker caps while showing off a blue wig one weekend and a pastel pink wig the following weekend.

The youngest Jenner sister also went with granny gray braids and a see-through bodysuit at one point.

The one constant about the Jenner Sisters and their Coachella 2015 looks? The fact that there were no constants. They changed things up each and every day, and certainly kept all of their minions guessing what they'd wear next.

Here's the rundown and ranking of their Coachella couture and attire. It was certainly hard to pick a winner.

9. Basic Coachella Chic

Kendall's beachy waves, gold crown, and layered gold necklaces were cute and all, but were they different than other attendees? Not really...

8. Impractical Nails, But...

Kylie's daggers were not exactly practical, but those are her thing. The off-the-shoulder white top was summery, if a little basic. And is it me or did she look overly faux-bronzed? It could have been the IG filter, too.

7. Exit Strategy

Kylie had to peace out and say buh-bye to 'Chella so she could celebrate her big sister's bday, but I'm counting this anyway. She donned a long trench and toted a statement bag to make her grand exit. Since she was leaving, it wasn't really a 'Chella ensemble nor was it a warm weather one, but... it was mysterious.

6. Military Chic

It's hot in the Cali desert, so Kylie made the smart move to throw on an army jacket. It covered and therefore protected the skin, even if it was oversized and not exactly tailored.

5. A Sheer Catsuit

There was nothing practical about this sheer catsuit, either. But hey, Kylie was at a party so she dressed the part.

4. Trucker Hats Are Back

Blue hair is nothing new for Kylie, even though this particular shade was fresh and bold. That said, the teen brought back the trucker hat, which had its moment in the '00s, over the course of the Coachella 2015 season.

3. Granny Gray Braids + Heavy Metal

Kylie ditched the pink hair in favor of cornrow braids in a granny gray shade. Then there was Kendall with the neck bling, which she paired with a Megadeth T-shirt and LAMARQUE shorts. She probably has never heard a song by those speed metal titans, but she made that concert tee look good. I'm also loving Kylie's eyebrow bling.

2. Gobs Of Silver

The bikini top and leather vest were pretty simple, but Kendall stepped it up a notch with gobs and gobs of silver jewelry, both necklaces and bracelets, by DYLANLEX. The mirrored aviators were also basic, but the confidence with which she sported 'em elevated her look. She really had no problem with piling on the accessories, which had to add weight.

1. Pink Lady

Kylie's powder pink hair was my favorite of all of her shapeshifting looks. It was just so unexpected for her, considering she once said she'd never don pink strands. While her, uh, shorts here looked like Spanx worn as outerwear, at least her shoes were sensible for desert dancing.

If anything, the Jenner Sisters' Coachella 2015 chic should inspire you for whatever fests you hit from now through August.

Images: Kendall Jenner/Instagram (2); Kylie Jenner/Instagram (7)