Katy Perry's Take On The French Mani Is Must-Try

I don't do regular French manis myself, instead choosing to opt for the reverse French mani, where the half moon at the base of my nail gets the strip of color, as opposed to the top tip. However, Katy Perry's glittery take on the French mani might have me revisiting the original, since hers is a streamlined, clean, and glittery version of an enduring style. The French manicure can be polarizing. Some of my friends love it, considering it elegant and classic. Other pals think it's too tacky. But Perry's is a look I think many can get behind.

Granted, she has the statement "BYE" stamped on her middle finger, in black script and capital letters. It's such a "Bye, Felicia" moment for the pop singer, who reportedly split with her on-off BF John Mayer again. The "BYE" is also on her middle finger, so interpret that as you wish.

But what I love about this French mani is how the top strip is gilded, it's super thin, and the rest of the mani is naked. It doesn't even look like she has any clear polish over top. It's like the gold tip is the only embellishment, as opposed to a layer of glossy pink polish painted over the white strip.

This is a gorgeous, end of summer and early fall nail look. It's also totally appropriate for a wedding since it's quietly fashionable.

It's so lovely and delicate, right? Just ask your manicurist to go super thin with the tip and you can have the same gorgeous 'n' bare French mani. If your nail tech is able, she can put whatever word you want on your finger. Or you can totally go without the verbiage.

The hair color chameleon did green hair with her old school French mani on her 2014 Rolling Stone cover, mixing styles like a true punk rocker. You don't usually see thick, white and pink manicures with Kermit the Frog-colored hair.

It was just another example of the singer doing her own thing. Perry recently wore puffy and dangling pink earrings, which were insanely rad.

Here's my latest mani. It's the reverse French, with periwinkle pops. I love it, since it's so unexpected. I plan to play with all different colors through the fall. I may even go totally naked, like Perry did. I am down with going sans a topcoat.

This is my original source of inspo. I love the little dollop of color and how there isn't a topcoat. It's so stark, clean, and chic.

Here's another clever and intense color reverse. It's another look I hope to try when the weather cools.

These unique manis should get you started with inspo for your own alternative French manicure. The possibilities and color combos, or lackthereof, are endless. You can always pervert what most people consider a classic in a glorious, irreverent, and still-fashionable way.