10 French Manicure Upgrades For Prom, From Simple Twists To Bolder Beauty Statements

As you know, nail art has gotten pretty crazy in the past few years, and the options are endless. No longer confined to standard solid colors or classic styles, you can creative direct the nails of your prom dreams — and these 10 updates on your classic French manicure are just the right balance of fancy and fun. One of the greatest parts about prom is arguably the *mandatory* pampering that occurs beforehand. It's one of few occasions where you can justify going all out on your beauty routine and treat yourself like a princess getting ready for the ball. Not that you can't do this whenever you feel like it, but prom is a great excuse. Whether you're doing your own nails are going for the full spa manicure experience, the perfect paint can be just the thing to complete your look.

The concept of a French manicure is great, because embellishment is usually confined to the tip, which means your paint job will offer just the right amount of interest. However, basic nude and white is pretty tired, and a contemporary version of your classic French is younger, cooler, and infinitely customizable. These French twists, if you will, are way less Atlantic City bachelorette party circa 1995 and way more best-dressed 2015 — without being too trendy.

1. Glitter Gradient Tips

2. Rose Gold Tips

3. Heart Tips

4. Bold Geometric Tips

5. Pastel Tips And Half Moons

6. Matching Bases

7. Pale Pink And Metallic

8. Matte, Glossed, And Pointed

9. Classic... With Sparkles!

10. Floral Tips

Image: @naillywood/Instagram