Kerry Doesn't Want Her Pre-Baby Body "Back"

by Jaclyn Anglis

Kerry Washington has a bone to pick with people who want to see new moms "go back" to their pre-pregnancy weight and shape. The actress gave birth to her first child in April 2014, and now, Kerry Washington has opened up about society's obsession with new mothers' bodies in a new interview with Self. She said of her philosophy following the birth of her baby,

I’ve been really focused on not being "back" to anything, but being the best version of myself right now. My body is the site of a miracle now. I don’t want to be pre-miracle.

The Scandal star's very positive outlook on the changes her body has been through is inspiring, especially because she emphasizes that she does not want to go backward after moving forward with such a life-changing experience. New moms have a million other things to focus on after the birth of a baby, so Washington's statement is no doubt relatable for many mothers going through the same experience she is. Washington is acknowledging that her body has been permanently changed, but for the better, which is something other moms understand and is refreshing to hear from a famous face considering so many stars are often asked about their "post-baby" bodies.

Washington's point is made even stronger when she tells a story about her manager trying to compliment her by telling her she was "back" from the post-pregnancy weight. She said that taking issue with the compliment sparked a great conversation between the two. She said, "I try really hard not to use that language, because it's not about going backward in life."

After all, it is nearly impossible that your body will ever be entirely the same after giving birth, so why set your sights on an impossible goal that according to Washington does not even seem worthwhile to pursue? As the actress points out, language matters, especially when we're talking new moms and goals they "should" or "shouldn't" have. It seems like she recognizes the power that these kinds of words can have.

As can be seen from photos in her Self interview spread, she does enjoy getting into the habit of working out, but it seems to be more about actually staying healthy and feeling good rather than reaching some magic number on the scale. As she says in the interview, "I have to take care of myself in order to live life the way I want to." And those are words of wisdom that anyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle can take.

Images: Bjarne Jonasson/Self