What Your Favorite Disney Quote Says About You

It's a sad but real truth that millennials base a lot of their identity, positively or negatively, on Disney movies. And not just in the broad sense of "I like Hercules the most because I'm half Greek;" I mean we cling onto the very nuances of Disney movies, trying to decode who we are depending on what Disney princess hairstyle is our favorite. Personally, though, I think there's a certain power in words over style, or at least a power in stylish words. And that's why I think that your favorite Disney one-liner really says a lot about who you are.

Confused? Consider this: when you pick out your favorite Disney quote to pin to your Inspiration board, you're doing it because it speaks to you. Maybe it speaks to who you are today, or maybe it's something you're using to fuel your dreams, but it's a very conscious choice. I know that certain lines hit me right in the feels because I've been there, I've been stuck in poor provincial towns before, and it is the veritable worst.

Anyway, I won't delay any further. Here are some of your favorite memorable Disney quotes, and what they say about you as a person.

1. “Just Keep Swimming!”

You're adorably childlike and gratingly optimistic. You're the only girl who walks into a scary biker bar and make friends with a group of Hell's Angels.

2. “And Let Me Guess: You Have A Great Personality.”

You're kind of a jerk, but it's really your best quality. You're basically the Joan Rivers of the fashion blog you work at, and it's a job that suits you well.

3. “The Flower That Blooms In Adversity Is The Most Rare And Beautiful Of Them All.”

You were sensitive and awkward in high school, and, even though you're still sensitive and awkward at heart today, you also conquered your college as a campus superstar.

4. “No Matter How Your Heart Is Grieving, If You Keep On Believing, The Dreams That You Wish Will Come True.”

You're 23 years old, getting married to your college sweetheart, and your apartment is going to be resoundingly beige, but, hey, it beats living with your mom and her deadbeat boyfriend.

5. “To Infinity And Beyond!”

You were racked with sobs when you watched Toy Story 3. Aside from that, you're fueled with giddy delusions of your greatness, which somehow converts into a very real confidence that people sort of love. Weird.

6. “We’re All Mad Here.”

Your room smells like a Spencer's Gifts store.

7. “I’m A Damsel, I’m In Distress, I Can Handle This. Have A Nice Day.”

You are a master of shutting down guys during happy hour at Houlihan's. This is partially because all men are gross, and partially because your last boyfriend left you with heeeeeavy baggage. But you carry it well!

8. "The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway."

Early childhood insecurity melted off when you found yourself and became a super mega hot alt girl. Alternately, you live in Maine.

9. "Ohana Means Family, And Family Means No One Gets Left Behind Or Forgotten."

You are the one person who is still close with all their friends from high school.

10. “I Want Adventure In The Great Wide Somewhere.”

You were a child of the suburbs who dreamed of going to NYU in pursuit of an English degree and a sophisticated bohemian romance. At least one of those things came to fruition.

11. “I Was Hiding Under Your Porch Because I Love You.”

You have dedicated many hours to Facebook stalking your crush. You will inadvertently reveal that the next time you meet.

12. "Hakuna Matata."

You have earnestly attended at least one Dave Matthews concert.

So, you see? I held a glass to your innermost soul and drudged up secrets that you didn't even know you had, all based on what Disney one-liner you love to repeat ad nauseam to your friends. If your favorite isn't one of the above, then, congratulations, you're probably a well-adjusted individual who knows not to apply Disney to real life. Or at least you can pretend better than the rest of us.

Images: Walt Disney Pictures; Giphy (12)