9 Great Musical Comedies To Watch Online

Pitch Perfect did something that music geeks (like me) are forever grateful for: they made acapella groups cool. The movie's success made us fall in love with Anna Kendrick, said cups are a musical instrument, introduced the masses to Rebel Wilson's mermaid dancing, and, most importantly, paved the way for Pitch Perfect 2. The sequel pitch slapped us with songs, comedy and big-time production numbers that deserve to be seen over and over again like its predecessor. But where can you watch Pitch Perfect 2 online? Lucky for us, Pitch Perfect 2 will be available on iTunes Sept. 1 for your viewing pleasure, as well as on Amazon (to buy), Google Play, and Video On Demand.

For those who missed out the first time, here's what to know about the movie: Dubbed as the Bring It On for college acapella groups, the first Pitch Perfect introduced viewers to the Barden Bellas, a misfit acapella group of gals that started off as underdogs and became champions. The sequel takes place four years after the Bellas have won the national competition. They are well-known and aca-famous, but after a disastrous performance in front of President Obama, the Bellas have become a joke in the acapella community. They are banned from performing in any showcase, but Beca (Anna Kendrick) makes a deal with the board. If they win the World Championships, they get to be reinstated. With the stakes raised, the old gang and a new freshman face (Hailee Steinfeld) set off to conquer the acapella World Championships.

We're less than a month away from the digital release date, and I'm sure you're itching for some musical goodness. Here are nine musical movies on iTunes that should tide you over until you can dig your ears into aca-awesomeness of Pitch Perfect 2.

1. Enchanted (2007)

Disney's riff on the classic fairytale can always brighten up anybody's day.

2. Newsies (1992)

The movie was critically panned, but still lives on as a cult favorite and a successful Broadway musical. Plus, who wouldn't want to see Christian Bale singing and dancing?

3. Little Shop Of Horrors (1986)

Comedy, music and horror — this is another cult classic that deserves your attention. This is one of those movies where I wouldn't mind having a remake.

4. Grease 2 (1982)

Now I know what you're thinking: why Grease 2 and not Grease? The first one was good, but the second one has a level of camp that makes it a musical experience you won't see or hear anywhere else. It's special. Really special.

5. The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

You can't make a list of off-center musicals without mentioning this American musical institution.

6. A Mighty Wind (2003)

Christopher Guest's folk music mockumentary has the greatness of all Guest's improv-laden films, but is also surprisingly touching.

7. South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut (1999)

When Trey Parker and Matt Stone announced that they were going to make a South Park movie, I never thought it was going to be a musical comedy — and a good one at that.

8. Hairspray (2007)

The movie musical has all the campiness and counter culture of the original John Waters film on which it was based — with tons of catchy songs, dancing... and Zac Efron!

9. Pitch Perfect (2012)

While you're waiting for Pitch Perfect 2, why not just relive the magic of the first one?

There are plenty of musical comedies to bring out your inner music geek. The problem is choosing which ones to watch until Pitch Perfect 2 comes out. I would suggest watching all of them. You have plenty of time until Sept. 1.

Image: Richard Cartwright/Universal Studios