Hailee Steinfeld Returns For 'Pitch Perfect 3' & There Are 6 Things Her Character Needs To Do In The Film

Good news, Pitch Perfect fans! E! Online has exclusively revealed that Hailee Steinfeld is returning to Pitch Perfect 3. This means Emily Junk will have plenty of opportunities to shine when the third movie about the Barden Bellas hits theaters on July 21, 2017. As the newest Bella, Emily has the opportunity to be the future of the group and the franchise, which could not be in better hands than Steinfeld's. While Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, and Brittany Snow are all returning for the third movie, their characters have aged out of college. Meanwhile, Emily is a fresh face and a "legacy" thanks to her mother. If Pitch Perfect is going to continue, then it needs a younger character like Emily to anchor it to the college world.

Steinfeld shined in Pitch Perfect 2 where she won over fans and the Bellas with her original songs and ambition. Since Pitch Perfect 2 ended with Steinfeld officially becoming a Bella, there is a lot for Steinfeld to accomplish in the next movie. As much as I love Pitch Perfect, without the introduction of Emily, another movie would have felt unnecessary. Emily's journey is just beginning, though, and there is so much I want to see the character do.

1. Take Over The Bellas

Emily can bridge the gap between the old Bellas and the new by taking over as the leader in the next film. Ideally, there will be a whole new generation of Bellas for Emily to lead. Not only would it allow the character to go from ingénue to seasoned veteran, it would let Emily be in charge. I know I would love to see what she would do with the Bellas.

2. Struggle Over Being In Her Mom's Shadow

As a "legacy," Emily's experience is very different from the experiences of the rag-tag group of Bellas I know and love. Her mother has high expectations for Emily, and, if Emily was in charge of the Bellas, she would be under a lot of stress to keep the group on top for her mom. A strong mother/daughter storyline in Pitch Perfect 3 would be awesome, and it would mean more Katey Sagal.

3. Sing More Original Songs

Steinfeld got an actual record deal after her performance in the movie, so she definitely has chops. As much as I enjoy the mashups of established songs, Emily's ability to write new hits could make the third movie even more musically ambitious.

4. Become BFFs With Beca

Beca is already Emily's mentor, but I want these ladies to be BFFs as well. With Beca starting a career after graduation, it would be amazing to see these two young women grow closer instead of apart.

5. Give Benji A Shot

They have to happen! Benji and Emily's cautious flirting was so sweet. I want to see what their romance can blossom into.

6. Balance Legacy Singers With Fresh Faces

Seeing a clash between students who are "legacy" members of the Bellas and complete newbies could bring Pitch Perfect back to its roots in an interesting way, especially if the group was split evenly. Emily would have to find a way to make the two sections work together for the good of the group as a whole. With a little help from some past Bellas, this could be a fantastic chapter for Emily to kickoff.

No matter what Emily ends up doing, having Steinfeld back is aca-perfect news. Pitch Perfect 3 is in excellent shape so far.

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