Rita Ora & Chris Brown's Video Is Pretty Creepy

How Chris Brown continues to be a successful recording artist is still beyond me. From being arrested for assault to blowing smoke in the face of a flight attendant, Brown has not done much to improve his public image since his infamous assault of then-girlfriend Rihanna. Yet the controversial R&B star, despite facing quite a lot of public ridicule, is still making music... and fans are still supporting it. Case in point: On Tuesday, Rita Ora released a music video for her single "Body On me," which features Chris Brown and a very steamy affair. I watched the video and was left feeling, well, uncomfortable.

The trouble with Chris Brown is no simple issue — it's a complex one that involves race and gender politics. However, his continual success shows just how easily the public forgives men for violence against women (see also: Sean Connery, Charlie Sheen, Sean Penn). Watching Chris Brown writhe around like a sex god is something the world could use a loy less of, and it was definitely something I could have gone my whole day without seeing.

"Body on Me" makes me uncomfortable on many, many levels, but here are the most cringe-inducing moments.

1. The Unsafe Vibes In the Dark Elevator

Is this supposed to be sexy or scary?

2. Chris Brown Following Rita Ora Down The Hallway


3. Chris Brown Taking His Shirt Off

Nope, don't care to see that, thank you very much.

4. Chris Brown Watching Fuzzy TV

Please tell me that's not porn.

5. Chris Brown Spying On Rita Ora Through The Window


6. This Moment

I'll pass. It's a little too grabby for my taste.

7. The Empty Shot Glasses

Just how drunk was this sex supposed to be?

8. Chris Brown Sneaking Up On A Topless Rita Ora

I hope this wasn't supposed to be cute.

Does anyone else feel the need to wash their eyes out? I know I do.

Images: RitaOraVEVO/YouTube (9)