The Actor Who Plays Dan In '6 Years' Is A Rising Star & A Man Of Many Talents

The new film 6 Years from writer/director Hannah Fidell deals with the collapse of a once-idyllic relationship among two young people in their early twenties, Dan and Melanie. The film's title refers to the length of their relationship, an unquestionably long tenure for any couple their age, and hints at the disappointment they feel when they sense it slipping away in spite of the love they still feel for one another. It's a powerful and relatable film for anyone who's ever gone through an unexpected breakup (i.e. everyone), and is anchored by strong performances from its two young leads. Taissa Farmiga, the younger sister of actress Vera Farmiga, portrays Mel, but who plays Dan in 6 Years ?

In 6 Years, Dan is portrayed by Ben Rosenfield. Rosenfield, who just turned 23 at the beginning of August, is drawing rave reviews for his performance, which is quite an accomplishment considering that it's the most high-profile lead role of his young career (the film is produced by those indie darlings, the Duplass Brothers). Also somewhat shocking is the fact that Rosenfield (and Farmiga) improvised a good portion of the movie, showing off a skill that's not often utilized in Hollywood films. But anyone familiar with Rosenberg's career shouldn't be too surprised. The guy is basically a renaissance man, seemingly having already accomplished every single thing there is to do in show business at an age when most people are just graduating college. Don't believe me? Here's a sample of what Rosenfield has done during a time in his life when the rest of us were doing keg stands.

He's Acted In Live New York Theater

Rosenfield has acted in two off-Broadway plays. In 2011 he made his stage debut in Through a Glass Darkly, and earlier this year he appeared in The Nether .

He's Been A TV Series Regular

Rosenfield had a regular role on the acclaimed HBO series Boardwalk Empire, portraying Willie Thompson, the nephew of Steve Buscemi's crime boss, Nucky Thompson. Not a bad gig for his first TV role.

He's Recorded An Album

The Orchard Movies on YouTube

Yep, Rosenfield is a musician in addition to being an actor. He sings, plays guitar and harmonica, and even wrote a song to help get into character for 6 Years. He's performed at New York's lauded Bowery Electric, and you can buy his EP Woodman Field on his website for whatever amount you feel is fair. You can see his musical chops in the above clip from 6 Years, which was taken from the iTunes extras for the film.

He's a Comedy Expert/Bigwig

Rosenfield sits on the Board of Directors for the American Comedy Institute in New York, a school that was founded by his father, Stephen Rosenfield, who teaches stand up comedy.

He's Written And Produced A Short Film

Obviously not content with acting (and singing), Rosenfield penned and produced the 15-minute short film, Have Had , which he plans to release later this year.

Rosenfield's a busy guy — and after people see him in 6 Years, his career will likely only get better.

Images: Netflix/Duplass Brothers Productions; Giphy (4)